Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week #81 - Carnival

HOLA, como estan?

Well, I think I will start off by answering your questions:

1- Did you receive our Valentine package yet?

1- No, not yet, but I am sure I will get it very soon!!  I am thinking that I will get it this week.

2- How much do you think you weigh now?

2- I would say about 215 lb. but I am not quite sure.  I want to be at 200 lb.  I will do it so you´ll see!! ;)

3- What did you teach your district this week?

3- Well, this last week I taught them about having the love of christ in their lives and how they can use that to help convert people to the gospel.  I also talked about the atonement.  It was very good.  I hope that my district could feel the same power that I felt!!!

4- Do you know your release date yet?

4- No, I don't know.  They will call me when I have like 3 months left.  But I would imagine that they will be in contact with you first.  But until then I just need to serve the Lord with all my heart and mind and strength.  When I go home doesn't really matter!!  I believe that the Lord needs me here!!

5- What do you think of our new puppy, Roman?

5- I think he is awesome!!! ;) I am happy you guys are getting him.  Just make sure you have a bunch of patience with him because he is a baby!! HA HA, but we all are babies to you mom!! I love that!! ;)

6- What do you think is your biggest weakness?

6-  The natural man is an enemy to God and always has been and always will be!! So for me it is laziness. I become too lazy and I give in to physical desires and that is something that I have to work on!! I am making progress on this though.

WELL now I will tell ya´ll about my week! :) I apologize in advance if it's a little lame.

Tuesday we had the normal district meeting and that is when I taught my district about the love of God!!  That went very well.  Then we went to work and we have a family that is progressing very well.  They are named Luz and Homero Parra and they want to be baptized and sealed but they aren't married yet so we have to help them get married.  It seems like they just can't obtain a paper they need to get married, so we are patiently helping them with that.
Wednesday it was a very normal day.  We just worked and worked!!  We didn't have very much success but we are trying as hard as we can!!

Thursday we had interviews with Presidente Riggins and that was awesome!!  Then we had a meeting with him where he taught us about working with our vision more clear and being able to work very hard with this vision clear in our sight!!  It was very good.  Then he let us watch "Meet the Mormons".  That was an amazing movie.  I liked it!!!  It was way good!! I liked the whole movie--it was really cool!!

Friday we worked but this time we tried to put what presidente said into action.  The truth is that we really couldn't find people to teach because the weekend was CARNIVAL and everyone traveled. 

Saturday was the same because everyone left to go to the beach or some other place!!;) jaja

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings.

MONDAY we celebrated CARNIVAL!!  Haha.  So the 4 elders in Universitario and the Ward missionaries and the lider missional we all went to a place called Balsapamba and there was way cool because this place is kinda known for their carnival parties.  There were parades, people dancing, and people getting each other wet and filthy dirty!!  It was awesome!!!  We played in it almost the whole day!!  I got not only REALLY sunburned but really dirty!!!  I got chalk, eggs, water, paint, foam, and almost everything thrown at me!! But I also threw that kind of stuff at people!! It was awesome!!! We need to start that tradition in the States!! ;)

Well, this has basically been my week.  I hope you guys could feel and experience that thing that I expirenced too!!  Well, I love you all!! Always remember that I love you all alot!! ;) ;)


Elder Farley

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