Monday, February 9, 2015

Week #80 - The Shakespearean

HOLA!!! Como estáis? 

Well, like always I will start off by quoting Shakespeare;

"Oh thou fair and likely questions.  Why erst thou in the fair plane of space waiting for the gorgeous Elder Farley to open and digest what they bare?" What do you think?

1- What was the most miraculous thing to happen this week?

1- The most miraculous thing to happen to me this week was probably when a family we are teaching is getting prepared to be married so that right afterward they can be baptized.  HOW COOL!!

2- What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

2- I don't really know.  You guys should know that with Elder Farley everything is funny!! jaja  But one thing in particular happened today that I thought was funny.  We went to a place above Montalvo and we found a couple of waterfalls.  We stopped to take pictures and to see the sites and stuff.  It was WAY cool!!  But we found this cool path and all it is, is stairs going up the mountain and they are super slippery.  So when I took my pictures on this cool path I obviously fell!!! jajaja My compañeros all laughed at me so that was cool and funny!!!

3- What was the most bizarre thing to happen this week?

3- Umm, the most bizarre thing to happen to me this week was that I had a very weird dream!  I dreamt that there was a very big news report around the world.  This news report said that a cop saved a town from a buffalo!  So, in my dream the buffalo was actually the alpha male and he was HUGE and mean and tough and his horns were very big and very destructive.  He was destroying a town, so I saw in the news report that a cop car was speeding toward the buffalo and it looked like it was going to hit the buffalo, but at the last second he swerved and missed the buffalo.  The cop got out of the car and mounted the buffalo and he made it so that the buffalo left the town and after a while the cop sent the buffalo away!!  At this point in the dream, I became the cop!  After I ran the buffalo out of town I was hurt pretty badly, so they put me on a stretcher and I was in the hospital.  All of the doctors were helping me and slowly they all started fading away.  I saw one man that I didn't know and he came up to me and he reached inside of my chest and pulled out my soul and then he sent me to hell!!  I woke up with a fright!!!  This was probably the most bizarre thing to happen to me for sure1

4- What was the thing you were most proud of this week?

4- Well, it would be every day of the week.  Each day I am proud of the work that I do!!!  Because I am doing the work of the Lord!!! ;)  And it is marvelous!

Well, now I shall quote Shakespeare again-

"Thy hair, oh thy hair is the most fair creature of all the creatures, of all the creatures.  Wonst thy hair dine with me ti's even?"

Well my week is as follows-

Tuesday we went to Montalvo to prepare for an activity that we were going to have later in the week.  This day was very chill--nothing to exciting happened.

Wednesday was basically the same. It was a very chill day.

Thursday we had the district meeting.  On Tuesday the zone leaders had a meeting with president and Thursday they told us what we all should do as says the president!! It was very inspired.  I learned a lot!! One thing in particular I learned is that when we make decisions we need to stick with that decision.  So that is what I will do from now on. Every time I make a decision I will stick with that decision!!

Friday we went again to Montalvo to help set up for the activity that we were going to have on Saturday, so we spent a little while helping get everything ready.

Saturday we had the activity in Montalvo.  The activity was that we played a movie of the Restoration of the gospel so as many people who wanted could watch it.  We had a small success because we had about 5 people watch the movie.  It was chill!!  Hopefully some of these people can progress.  So please say prayers!!

Sunday we had full meetings and that is really all we could do.

Well just like Shakespeare says: "this has been my week!"

I hope that you guys can feel the things that I am doing here in Ecuador.  I know that I am fulfilling the work of the Lord!! I know that Jesus lives and I know he loves me!!  He loves you too!!!


Can you guys send me a couple of things?

1.  Like $100 more dollars?  I sent my suit to get fixed because it was HUGE.  So I need to pay him!! Thanks ;)

2.  Also, can you send me a Rubik cube?

3.  Also, is there a way I can make root beer? I have been craving root beer SO BADLY lately!

4.  Also a couple of shirts for P-day? The ones that I have are like old and too big for me.  I am a size large or medium--probably a large!! 



Elder Farley

Wow, he is looking slim!

New slim suit

Sightseeing near Montalvo

Ummm...yes, handsome!

Cool, mossy steps

Wow, Ecuador!

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