Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week #85 - NO more sick Farley's!

HOLA!!! Como estan?

Well, before I answer your questions, I have one for you guys.  How many people in the family are going to get sick while I am on the mission?  I am trying my best to serve with everything I have but it is very hard to work hard when I know that my sisters, my brother, my aunts, and almost everyone in our family is sick!!  This is probably selfish of me to say but I just have to let you know that it's hard.  I just need to humble myself, repent, and work hard.  The Lord knows best and the only thing I can do for you guys is work hard and pray for each and everyone of you guys!!!  So, that is what I will do!! ;) I love you guys!
Now I will answer your questions-

1- I think you and Elder Robinson should make plans to room together just so you do have that back up in your life.  You can always change your plans if they need to be changed.

1- Yes, that is a very good idea.  I will email him right after this to tell him!!! 

2- Did the Parra family ever get the marriage license they needed?

2- No, they didn't.  I think this week we are going to go with them to take the paper out, but we will have to see how that goes!! This week we did find a new family.  Yeah!  They are awesome!!!! :)

3- What miracle did you witness this week?

3-  Umm, probably when we found this new family.  They are called, La Familia Bustamonte and they are so cool! The husband is a member but the wife is not a member....yet ;) But they are so cool!!!  Just like always here in Ecuador, they do need to get married first but it should be alot more easy with them.  So that would be the miracle I think!!

Well, now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had the district meeting, and basically what we did for the meeting was that we talked about being a team.  We talked about how we do things in the district so that we can work as a team.  I shared examples of armies and how if they work as a team they will win and if not, they don't win!!  So right there we started making plans so that we can help all of the district.  As a part of this we were going to have a family night as a zone and with a few members.  It was awesome!!  Then in the afternoon we worked and nothing too exciting happened!!  We talked to the Parra family and they did get the paper!!  So I think this week we will go with them to get the paper!! (I think he mis-typed something because this doesn't make sense)

Wednesday we worked like normal!!  It was the day where we were going to have the family night!!  So we were all preparing for it and me and my compañero arrived on time and we were ready, but on the way there a taxi hit me with his car and I got really mad.  I kind of lost the spirit in this moment!!!  Then some elders said that they weren't going to come because they had something else to do and the other sisters and elders were really late.  All of these things made me even more mad, so we didn't do the family night!!! The reason the family night didn't work out is because we weren't working as a team!! So, tomorrow we will talk about this principle again.  We will do the family night again so hopefully it will work out better this time!!

Thursday it was a very normal day.  We walked, talked and testified!!!!! A great day serving the Lord!

Friday is the day where we found a BUNCH of new people to teach!!!  We found this new family in Montalvo and we found a bunch of people through this girl in our ward.  She just presented us with a bunch of people so hopefully we can help these people and hopefully they can choose the right and they can come unto Christ!!!  We will work hard with them!!!!!!!

Saturday we had a small meeting with Presidente, where he told us that Babahoyo is a very slow progressing area.  The church is not very strong here so he basically told us that we have to be excited about the work and we have to help the ward members become more strong and especially help the ward council.  So that is what we will start doing because what he says is very true. Babahoyo is a cool place but its not very good about the church and its not very strong.  The members are cool but they don't know how to be true members yet.  But we will just work with them and help them!!!

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings!!

Monday (today) as a zone we went to go play paintball up in Montalvo.  It was fun but now I am tired!!!

Well, I hope you guys can feel what I experience here in the mission!! It's awesome.  I am very sad that in 4 months I will be home.  I just need to work harder and keep focused!!! I love all of you guys--keep choosing the right!!!

LOVE with all my heart,

Elder Farley

P-day paint balling 

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