Monday, March 9, 2015

Week #83 - 34 Possible Baptisms

Hola!!! Como estas?

Well, I will actually begin by saying that I love every single one of you!!! You truly bring blessings to me and I am quite sure that is what Heavenly Father had in mind when he created the family. I bet he was thinking, "If everyone chooses the right and shows their love to one another as a family, they will recive SOOO many unseen and seen blessings.  I hope the Farley family understands this and applies this eternal priniciple!!"  Thank you for showing your love and always helping with everything!!! I love you all lots!!! ;)

Now I will answer your questions-

1- What classes at BYU Idaho do you want me to sign you up for?

1- Can you sign me up for the Mechanical Engineering major, and a minor in Art?  I think I can get some scholarships for art if you show the school some of my work.  Also, I would like to take some Spanish classes so I can get some free credits.  Is this all possible? ;)

2- Have you received our Valentine package yet?

2- yet.  I am still waiting patiently.  I have faith that I WILL receive that package!!!

3- How are you enjoying Babahoyo?

3- I am!!  Personally my last sector has been my favorite but it is still a great ward here in Babahoyo!!  We have lots of work to do and we are always broke here.  I have no idea how we are always broke but we are.  I need to do a better job of managing my money, but I really do like Babahoyo!!!

4- Tell us about a time that you served your companion this week.

4- Well, he always showers before I do so while he is showering I try to iron his shirt for him.  I did just that this week :-)  He is a great guy! ;)

5- I haven't heard from Elder Robinson's mother about you two guys rooming together at BYU Idaho.  What do you want me to do?

5- Well, just keep looking and waiting for her to contact you.  I will try to talk to him and see what happens. If it doesn't work out with Elder Robinson then I could just room with Adam or somebody.

6- When is your next baptism?

6- It should be this month,  We are just waiting for a family to get married and they are so close.  So when they get married they will get baptised!! We just need that marriage paper and then they can move forward!! But soon I think ;)

Now I will tell y´all about my week-

Tuesday we had District Meeting.  For the meeting we went through all the sectors that are in my district and we talked about who they have to be baptized or who could possibly be baptized and we actually found that we have a LOT of people being taught.  In total, as a district, we had 34 people that could be baptized.  So I taught them all how they can turn these people into a sure baptism instead of being a maybe baptism.  I hope that we all apply what was taught because that would be AWESOME if, as a district, we had 34 baptisms!!

Wednesday we went to Montalvo, to visit all the people that we have there.  We invited a lot of people to come to church.  We even figured out a way that they all could come--but unfortuantly nobody came. :-(  But we still gave it our all!!! 

While we were there we taught a woman named Betty and while we were talking it was clear that this woman doesn't have faith in a lot of things, but she said that she has a lot of faith.  I don't know what happened but I got mad.  I thought to myself "why can't this woman see that if she does what the Lord says she will be blessed and her life will be easier in Christ!"  Then I thought, "this is what God thinks about us sometimes."  This helped me see a little bigger picture.

Thursday we had an exchange with some Elders in my district. I was with Elder Wahlen who is from Utah.  He is Asian and he's cool!!  It rained all day here in Ecuador but it was a calm day.

Friday we went to Montalvo again but my compaƱero felt sick and he looked sick, so we ended our day a little early and we rested a bit.

Saturday, my compaƱero was feeling much better and we went to the temple with our ward.  It was really fun!  We helped do baptisms for the dead and then we went to a session.  It was awesome!!

Sunday was a day full a meetings like normal!!

Well, this has been my week.  I hope that you guys could feel and experience these things with me!! I LOVE you all with all my heart!!


Elder Farley

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