Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week #94 - Wearing the Bishop's Shirt


Hey, don't even worry about not writing a whole lot today because in like a month and a half, more or less, I will be home!!!  But it is good to hear from you guys.  I am also excited to go to The Lone Spur Cafe!!  That will be awesome!!! ;)

So I will start off by answering your questions-

1- What size of clothes do you wear now?

1- Well, I am going to guess that I am somewhere in between a size medium and a large!!!  So for pants I am like 36 maybe and shoes I am a 10 and a half.  But we all have to remember that this is all a guess. I could be wrong.  I hope this helps!!

2- Is it cooling down in Ecuador?

2- The only words I have to answer that question is, "HAHAHA"!  No, it never cools down.  There is only hot and super sunny and hot--nothing else!!  But it's alright because I have gotten used to it. ;)

So now about my week-

Tuesday we had the District Meeting and basically what we did was talk about our problems that are in our Zone and District and we talked about ways that we can overcome them.  It was very good!!!  As a conclusion we found out that we just need to help our investigators with their conversion and how we need to be the most obedient that we can be.  So it was a very cool meeting.  Afterwards we celebrated a missionary's birthday.  His name is Elder Juanes and infact its his birthday and he is ending the mission so we kinda celebrated both things!!  To celebrate we ate chips and drank soda and we smashed eggs on his head!!  Elder Arias and I both had eggs and so when Elder Arias smashed his I was standing on the other side of him and all of the egg smashed on me and got my shirt just filthy!!!  So I smashed my egg and I contained the blast and it only exploded on his head!!  After that, us four went to lunch and to this house of a family that is really cool and I asked if we could wash my shirt and if I could take a shower and she totally said that it was ok!!  So I showered in this members house and we washed my clothes and I had to walk around with the Bishop's shirt on!!! Hahah it was awesome!!!

Wednesday was a normal day.  We didn't do anything too exciting!!  We found a new family called, the Baque Family.  They are cool!  They have a baptismal date for the 7th of June!!!

Thursday we had an exchange and I was with Elder Lang again.  It was cool.  We didn't do anything too cool like have another date, but it was awesome!!! I think we did buy ice cream and I think we watched the RM!! It was cool!!

Friday was a normal day.  We tried to visit Andrea but she has been pretty busy so it has been hard to meet with her!!  In the night we went to the Stake Center and there was a health fair and there was a lot of BYU students so that was cool.  I totally talked to them.  It felt really weird to talk to them.  I have forgotten what it feels like to be with a bunch of Gringos!!!  It was really weird but I will have to do again in 7 weeks!!! YIKES

Saturday we visited the Baque Family and we invited them to attend church with us and they said yes!!  So that was awesome!!  We went to the sector of Elder Lang and Elder Juanes to help them with there baptism so that was cool!!!  That was about it though!!

Sunday was a normal day with lots of meetings and the Baque Family came to church so that was awesosme!!!  Also this week there is a missionary who leaves for his mission so that was cool to see him get set apart!!!

Well I hope you all have enjoyed hearing about my week.  I know with out any doubt that this is the true church of God.  He loves us so much that he gave us a way to come back to his presence!!! I love everything about the gospel!!


1- Are we going to have a BBQ for all the family and friends for when I get home?

2- You guys could invite JH to hang out or eat dinner so you guys get to know each other!!? It could be a good idea. ;)

Sorry about the pics.  I forgot to bring the cord!!!  Sorry but I still love y'all a ton!


Elder Farley

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