Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week #95 - Silly Mom!

Hola!! Como estan?

Now that you are talking about the Bishop's wife, I agree that she is really cool!!! She actually reminds me a lot of you mom!  She is just so sweet.  She has probably been the best mamita here in the mission that I have had!!! ;)

Well, now I will answer your questions-

1- Did you get permission to get ice cream and watch a movie on a non p-day?  Are you working hard when you go on splits with Elder Lang?

1- Ja ja ja, no mom you are jumping to conclusions!! Silly turkey you ;)  In the mission we can buy ice cream whenever we want, so that wasn't a problem.  We only watched about half the movie at about 9:45ish and we finished it in the morning after we studied!!!  So don't worry mom because Elder Lang and I don't slack!!!  He is a good obedient Elder!!! ;)  You are cute mom ;) ja ja ja!

2- Have you received our last mission package?

2- No not yet.  I am still waiting.  I am excited though!!! 

3- Do you think you will be transferred one more time before you come home?

3- I honestly doubt it, but anything could happen!!

4- How many baptisms have you had on your mission so far?

4- I have about 30 baptisms right now, but there is always more work that I can do!!!

5- Can we have the friends and family B-BQ a few days after you return home? Or do you want it on the day you return home?

5- Yea that is exactly what I had in mind.  Not the day I get home but within a couple of days is perfect!!!  We need to invite like everyone and we need to eat Smoked Salmon Pizza!!!  How does that sound?

6- Have you seen Elder Robinson lately?

6- Yea actually this week on Wednesday we had a huge Mission Conference and I saw him there and we were able to talk.  I even told him that you guys (or you and his mom) planned everything to get us to room together at BYUI, so that was cool!!!  He is a great guy!! ;)

7- When do you want us to put money in your account for souvenirs?

7- If you could put money in this week that would be great.  I can't go this week, but the next week!!!

8- Who are you teaching right now?

8- Basically we are teaching The Baque Family, Andrea Salcedo, Ronald Ortiz, and Jean-Carlos and his sister Ariana!! Umm these are about all the investigators that we have right now.

Bueno mi querida familia, ahora voy a explicarles acerca de mi semana!! (Well my dear family, now I will explain about my week!!)

Tuesday we had District Meeting and my District Leader taught us about how we can help the people according to their needs and not just teaching them lessons. It was very good.  I learned a lot and then we did practices with what we just learned and it was cool.  The rest of the day was alright--we just visited the family Baque and we were able to set another baptismal date with the other daughter named Angie.  She will also get baptized on the 7th of June!!!

Wednesday we had a Mission Conference about family history work and it was awesome.  I got to see the whole mission!!!  So that was cool!!  We didn't do much after that because it took up a bunch of time.

Thursday was a normal day.  We visited a lot of the families that we have and we were able, through the spirit, to help them come to a better knowlegde of the covenants that they will make these coming weeks. So that was radical!

Friday was also a normal day--we just visited the families that we have.

Saturday we had an invasion as a zone.  What that means is that we went to one persons sector and we all contacted the people there.  That was fun!  We contacted a bunch of people and we were able to meet and get new people for the Zone Leaders sector!!  Then we went to a baptism that the Sister Missionaries had.  We were able to bring the Baque family with us to see the baptism so that was way cool!!!

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings!!

Well this has been my week. I hope you were able to feel what I get to experience here in the mission!!!  I truly love the mission!!!! ;)

And you guys are right.  I will focus more on the mission especially since I only have 6 weeks left!!! I want to give it my all for the last little bit I have left!!!

D&C 11:12 the spirit what does it do? It's radical.


Elder Farley

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