Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #93 - What? A Date with Elder Lang?

Hey, Hola como estan?

Well, I am not going to lie... I liked talking to you guys as well.  It was awesome!!!! You guys have all grown and I can see how you guys have changed!!! It's amazing.  I guess we will see each other in 8 weeks ;D

Umm...don't even worry about the trip to the Bahamas.  I am sure that Hayden and all of you guys will just love that trip!!! Make sure that y'all put on sunscreen because you don't want skin cancer.  That would be very ironic!  You don't want that!!!!

If you guys are planning a trip to Hawaii that is fine with me.  I will totally do whatever you guys do.  I am sure that it will be totally awesome!!

Well to answer your questions now-

1- What size of clothes do you wear now?

1- I am not exactly sure.  I could give you guys a guess but to be exact I have no idea.  I was thinking that we could buy the clothes in that first week when I get back so we could get the sizes exactly right then.  But if you want I could send you a guess.
2- As you are nearing the end of your mission do you have any regrets?

2- You know what?  I don't!  The only one I might have is when I wanted to come home about a year ago when Hayden first got cancer, but it's not that big of a regret because if it weren't for that experience I probably wouldn't have found where I am now!! So, no I don't have any regrets!!

3- Have you ever used any magic tricks on your mission?

3- Ja ja ja ja ja - no not really!!! Umm no I can't remember if I have used any.

4- Do you get a copy of the GC Ensign in the mission so you can study it?  If not, do you want me to send you one?  What about your companion?  Does he need one?  

4- I will do everything in my power to get a copy of it and if I can't find one then I will tell you guys.

So now about my week-

This week was pretty normal.

Tuesday was a normal day.  We really didn't do anything too awesome.  We just tried to visit an investigator named Andrea.  She is supposed to be baptized on May 23rd so that will be awesome but nothing else has really happened today!

Wednesday we had a Zone Meeting.  I brought the root beer extract and we made root beer as a Zone.  That was cool!!!  Most of the Latin's didn't like it!! Oh well?!  The Zone Meeting was cool.  We talked about our real purpose as missionaries is that we need to baptize!!!  So that was really cool!  We also had an exchange.  I was with Elder Lang and we bought some ice cream and we ate it on a fancy table that I set up.  Afterward I figured out that I basically went on a date with Elder Lang!!!! Ja ja ja ja!  

Thursday was a normal day.  We really didn't do anything!! Or it's just that I couldn't remember it very well.  But we worked hard so don't worry!! ;)

Friday we had a ward activity about Mother's day and it was awesome.  There was dancing and music and a lot of mothers!!! So that was way cool!!!

Saturday was the day where I totally scored the sweet soccer goal!!! ;)  After we cleaned the chapel we went to visit some less active people!!!  So it was a pretty basic day!! But it was awesome!!!

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings.  I taught gospel principles and it was good.  Ao that's pretty much the highlight of my week!!! ;)

Well this has been my week.  I hope you enjoyed!!! I loved talking to you guys!!

I have one question-

1- Could you guys buy all the Percy Jackson books? I think I am missing a couple  of those books and I remembered them yesterday and I kinda want to read them when I get home!!!



Elder Farley

Ice cream "date" with Elder Lang. :-)
Beautiful Guayaquil Ecuador

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