Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #92 - Earthquake in Ecuador

HOLA!! Como estan?

Well first off I am so glad that you guys loved my voice recording.  When I recorded myself I was really nervous because I didn't know what to say nor did I know how to say it.  I kinda forgot English for a little bit!!! Ja ja ja, but everything is ok, I am super glad that you loved that!!!

So about that Skype call--I WILL CALL SUNDAY AT 5 Ecuador time, so be waiting for that it.  It would help me a ton if you could send me the information of my Skype account right before I call.  It would be a ton easier for me to call you guys!!!  Thanks a bunch! ;) 

And yes I will do just as you ask for Mother's Day!!!  I will give it to the wife of our Bishop!!! It will be awesome.

And just to let you know, yes I have been talking with Brady about rooming together at BYUI.  So if it's possible to room with both of them that would be awesome, but if not, that's ok!!! ;)

JAJAJA did Chase really break his arm?  That little shenanigan boy is getting into trouble! Ja ja ja! I hope he is ok!!!!  I am kinda surprised that he didn't cry or anything.  If he was Dad he would have fainted just looking at the x-rays and they would have had to remove Chase from the table and put Dad there in his place!!! Ja ja ja ja ja ;)

This week for us has been pretty cool.  One day it rained so hard that everything got soaking wet when we were only in the rain for five minutes!!!  That was fun!!!

Tuesday we had our District Meeting and my District Leader asked me to teach the District about how we can teach our investigadores better.  So I shared about Ammon and how he was such a great teacher.  We all narrowed it down and decided that it's the spirit that we need in order to teach our investigators.  It was awesome!!!!!! So, after I taught my segment, our District Leader taught us about getting members to help us with referrals!!  So, that was pretty much the coolest District Meeting that we had this week!!! ;)

There is a cool story about how we woke up this morning!!!  At like 6:20 am I woke up and my bed was shaking and I thought it was my compañero shaking my bed.  Then I saw that he was in bed and was not shaking my bed.  He woke up and then I thought, "it's an earthquake, I should probably stand under a door", but then it stopped.  It was kind of frightening because it was shaking hard!!!  But it was way cool and an awesome mission experience. ;)

4.28.15 - RT News:

5.8 magnitude quake strikes southeast Ecuador

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeast Ecuador on Tuesday, sparking panic, AFP reported. The earthquake occurred at 6:20 GMT in Guayaquil, in Guayas province, and the rumble could be felt in neighboring provinces. The depth was 71 kilometers, according to Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute. There were no immediate reports of injuries or property damage.
Wednesday we had an exchange and I was with Elder Lang!!!  As we were contacting people we saw that one house had like pornographic images on their garage.  I dared Elder Lang to ask the guy if he has a problem with pornography.  So he did it! JA JA JA JA!  But the guy didn't hear him so Elder Lang just moved on with the normal contacting approach.  It was so funny!!!!!! JA JA JA JA!  Then in the night we were teaching a family that had abandoned the church and are now Jews.  It was sad to see how hard their hearts have become so I hope they can see how wrong they are so they can come unto Christ.  I hope they do!!

Thursday was the day where it rained really hard.  In my sector there is a really big hill and right before it started raining we were on top of this hill visiting people. As we went inside of a house it started raining really hard so we decided to just stay in the house for a while until it died down.  But it never died down!  So after like an hour and a half we left and we went to a family night where we testified of the importance of the family home evening program.  So even though we were soaking wet we were able to feel the spirit and that was cool!!!  Then we played a really cool game and the family really liked the game so that was cool to help them with that!!!

Friday was a normal day.  We just visited a lot of people and we were able to teach some good families!!!

Saturday our lunch was very interesting.  One of our investigators invited us to eat lunch and she gave us "Salchicha".

Salchicha is intestines filled with rice and cooked in blood.  For me it was hard to eat because the smell was so bad.  It smelled like a dead animal.  I had to take one for the team though so I ate it.  I hope the investigator is satisfied about that meal!! (I hope she didn't see me almost gagging each time I took a bite of it.)  Her name is Andrea Salcedo and she actually has a baptismal date for the 23rd of May, so that is really cool!!!

Sunday was a normal day.  We just had lots of meetings and we did service!! Andrea needed help drawing a picture for her daughter's homework so we helped her with that.  I really enjoyed the service because it was different!!!  The drawings turned out way cool!! I will send a picture of the drawing I did!!! ;D

Well, this has been my week.  I am sorry if it's a little lame, but I really do enjoy the mission.  I am really nervous about ending my mission because I have no idea how the rest of my life is going to turn out. ;)

Well I love you guys and we will see each other in a week!!! ;)


Elder Farley

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