Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 5 -- Mexico CCM

(Jenny's notes are in red)

¡Hola Mi Familia!

Wait hold up!  Tell me more about Austin.  He is one of my best friends, if not my BEST friend, and I gotta know more.  To answer your questions, Sí estoy un poco nervioso sobre ecuador (yes I'm a little nervous about Ecuador),  pero yo sento muy listo por Ecuador (but I am quite ready for Ecuador). I don't know anything about my flight plans, nor does anyone who is going to Ecuador.  We are all being patient.  Yes, I should be able to email the guys in my district once we all leave.  I don't know anything about using Facebook on my mission. The most memorable experience in the CCM would have to be when it was my first week here and we heard a devotional by Elder Holland (no, he didn't come here, it was a video) and he said some really inspiring things about being a missionary.   I am sorry I really don't understand your question about gun shots?

I have some questions for you:

1- You tried to teach me that (forget yourself and go to work) before I left?

2- How is Adam Peugnet?

3-How is Chase?

4-What did you send me for my birthday?

5-Is Davis wearing my shirt in those pictures?

6- Did you guys get my letters?

7-Can you send me a cord that I can download pictures with?  I don't have one and that's the only way I can send pictures,  I have been borrowing other's cords?

Now I will tell you some things that have happened to me the last couple of days. 

Today I went to the temple again and that was super cool.  I love the Mexico City temple.  It's pretty neat. If you and Dad ever have a chance to go to the Mexico City temple, defiantly go--it's sweet! When do you and Dad go to Mexico to visit the Wagner's? 

Can you possibly send me pictures of Austin?

I will tell you another experience I had.  Almost every night in our casa, which holds 12 people, we have huge tie trades.  We all trade each other for ties and it has turned into quite the thing. Last night we had 50 + people at our house and we were all trading ties,  I have got some sweet ties that I traded.  I am not going to lie, I am a little addicted to trading ties :-)  I even tried to trade ties with President Pratt, our CCM Mission President.  Man the thrill of a good tie trade is awesome!  

Um that's about all I have for now.  Nothing really happens here--every day seems the same.  I can't wait to leave for Ecuador.  Sorry if this email wasn't as good as others, it's just that really not much has happened to tell you about.

Love, Garrett


Did you really think that my thoughts were really thought out and presented clearly (he is referring to his last email)?  As much as I would love to call you guys when I am in the airport, I don't think I am going to. I want to be focused on my mission and I am afraid that if I called you guys that it would distract me from my missionary work. I do want you guys to know that I love you and appreciate everything you guys do for me. Thank you for those words of advice.  I am expecting that to happen and I am fully prepared for it (he is referring to some advice Cory gave him about the frustration he is going to feel the first few weeks he is in Ecuador).  Today at the temple we started a conversation with a native Spanish speaker and I didn't know a thing she was saying!  But I tried my best and I did alright in communicating with her.  Even though I stink at Spanish, when I teach lessons I can feel the gift of tongues just flooding out of my mouth and I know that it is God helping me and that I am teaching by the spirit.

When are you putting a permanent sprinkler up at the ranch? When are you killing the cows? I kinda wish I was there to see all  my hard work again. Did anyone else (his friends) get their mission calls?

We'll that's all I have for today. I love you Dad and I love the example you have given me through everything.  Are you guys still going to come to Ecuador after my mission is over?

LOVE, Garrett.

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