Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 6 -- Leaving for Ecuador Tonight!


Can you tell Adam my e-mail address so we can email back and forth on our missions? Also tell Adam that I am going to get him some soccer jerseys in Ecuador.  Also tell him that I love that picture of him and that he looks soo beautiful :) (I can't tell if he is being funny or just getting his words confused. :-)), and I wish I was there to hear his talk.  It sounds like it was an amazing talk.  I am really going to miss Adam! I have also noticed a change in Adam this last year.  He is one of my BEST friends and I never want to lose contact with him.  Um... now about Chase... Is he really CRAZY? What has he been doing to make him crazy? You should start him up in some improve classes and comedy classes when he gets older, because he and I are going to have some comedy battles! I am serious about this, I am not even joking.  Has Chase been doing anything that makes you think he misses me? 

Now I have some questions:

1- Can you send me more washable ties from Pomeroy's?  I started with 15 or so and now I only have 7.  I made some bad trades--but whatever!  Can you send me some more ties, like 6 or 7 more ties?  You can make it fun and take everyone to the store and have everyone pick a tie that they think I might like.  I just need more ties!

2- Can you send me the address of the Tempe Arizona mission?

3- How is Dad's business going?

4- On a scale of 1 to 10 ten, with ten being the best, how good looking am I?

Now I will tell you my flight plans. I leave tonight at 9 and I am flying with 11 other missionaries.  The plane doesn't take off until 2:15 and we fly to Bogota and then to Ecuador.  I will be there for the rest of my mission! I will probably arrive in Ecuador at 12 ish or so. That's about it for all my flight plans. I just can't wait to get to Ecuador and start my real work as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I know a mission is where I am meant to be.  I have loved every second of it so far and I can't wait for Ecuador and for the opportunities there.  I love you, I love the family, and I love this gospel.

LOVE Garrett-

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