Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 7 -- Simon Bolivar -- Garrett's first area

Hello I am doing just fine!!!  I did not get your packages--I am still waiting for them.  And I did not tell anyone about my birthday because it's just a birthday.   To answer your questions, I am serving in a place called Simon Bolivar,  It's northeast of Guayaquil and it is super hot and humid here.  But it's ok. I live in an apartment and its a pretty bad apartment but it's probably better than how the people live.  The people are just absolutely amazing!  I love the people even though I can't understand them.  It's still amazing.  My compañero is Elder Mercado.  He is from Columbia and he is sooo funny to listen to.  He is awesome! President Amaya is awesome from what I could tell because I don't understand Spanish, but he seemed great.  My daily schedule is that I wake up at 6:30 and do some exercise and then get showered and get dressed then study for two hours then go out and start teaching the gospel for the rest of the night.  I love it! Our church is a little branch of about 30 or 40 people.  It is super small even though our area is super big.  I heard that my mission  is the highest baptizing mission in the world.  I don't know our address but I will find that out and get back to you.  My birthday was fine-- it was just a day.  Some experiences that I have had are as follows: my first Saturday here we had a baptism of a lady named Anita.  I didn't teach her but still we went to the baptism.  This Saturday and two Saturdays after, we have baptisms of people that I invited to be baptized so that is kinda cool. 

Another experience is that on Thursday night we were giving a member a blessing with oil and when we were done she said she felt like there was three people giving the blessing, but there was only the two of us.  I got super excited when I heard that.  A couple of other experiences are that every night I help this teenage girl named Lesly with English homework.  I am just so happy to be here in Ecuador teaching the people.  That's about it for my week so far. I live in a jungle pretty much.  Tell the family that I love them and I will write you next week.

Elder Farley

The blue outline is the boundaries of the Guayaquil North Mission.  Simon Bolivar is marked with an "X".  It is just northeast of Milagro.

Also, we got a glimpse at Garrett's Key Indicator Report for last week and it was amazing to us that he and his companion were able to accomplish all of this in Garrett's first week there.  I guess I should realize that with the Lord, nothing is impossible! :-)

Key Indicator Reporting
9 Sept - 15 Sept
Simon Bolivar
Elder Mercado, Elder Farley

Investigators baptized                                   1
Investigators confirmed                                 1
Investigators with a baptismal date                3
Investigators who attended Sacrament          4
Lessons taught with a member present          9
Other lessons taught                                     12
Progressing investigators                               3
New investigators                                         2
Lessons taught to new converts and less actives   7

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