Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week #31 - New Companion -- Elder Soto

Hola como estan?

Hayden, to answer some of your questions:  No, I am not very good at tether ball and yes, it rains alot here in Ecuador!! When I get home we will have to play out in the rain and we will also have to play tether ball. Can you wait for me bud?? Love you, choua

Now to answer your questions:

1- Yes I have finally received my Valentines package and I like the ties and I LOVE THE COPIES OF MY ARTWORK!!
     Now I am waiting for the other package with my shoes.

2- Bueno pues, normally transfers wouldn't happen this week but Elder Barreda has his knee problems and it has been getting worse.   So, sadly he got sent home today, but it's alright and he feels good about it because he served the lord faithfully for two years.  Now my compañero is named Elder Soto.  He is from the Dominican Republic.

3- I have learned alot from Elder Barreda--ALOT!!  By far he has been my favorite compañero.

4- Well the hardest thing about my week was saying goodbye to Elder Barreda and the best thing that happened this week was that we had another baptism.  Actually we had 2 baptisms!

5- Mom grillos are a thing of the past.  There are no more grillos and I don't have a good picture of them to send.

Now my questions:

1- You need to give Chase a hair cut NOW please.  I don't like his hair!

2- How is Cami running so fast?

3- What is Kendall doing with my stuff?  Did she take anything else?

4- Where is my stuff?

5- How is the extended family?

Well, this week was pretty normal.   We taught people and we we baptized two people which was awesome.  This week was sad because Elder Barreda is going home to his house in Guatemala. 

Tuesday we taught people and the doctors told us that Elder Barreda needs to get surgery and then Presidente Amaya called and told him that he might get sent home.

Wednesday we rested because of his knees.

Thursday we went to the doctor for Elder Barreda and we taught our investigators.

Friday was the same -- we taught the people and Presidente called again saying the same thing.

Saturday it was a normal day but in the night Presidente called and said that Elder Barreda is going home on Monday. 

Sunday we  went to church and then went and talked to our investigadores and they wanted Elder Barreda to baptize them so we had 2 baptisms on Sunday evening.

Well that was our week.  Now I am with Elder Soto and this week started Carnival.


Elder Farley

Elder Caballero,  Elder Farley, Elder Barreda, Elder Calderon

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