Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week #33 - Elder Farley the tailor!

Hola como están?

Well as usual I will answer your questions:

1- No I never did find a tailor who could alter my pants, so I have been wearing my pants and shirts and they have all been huge on me!  I have a funny story about that though.  So my compañero has been sick.  He has problems with his back and knees so he has been on rest and we can't leave the house for a week.  So on one of the days we were in last week, I tried to reduce my pants my self.  I am happy to say that I did it!!  However, they turned out way too small and it looked really funny because it was like super skinny pant legs but at my hips it was way too big still so I looked really funny.  BUT I TOTS FORGOT TO TAKE A PIC!!!  Lo siento (sorry)!

2- In the Easter package you send me I would LOVE some more ties.  I like the CTR brand so you could send that and then also just send your love.  For my Patriarchal blessing, go ahead and copy it whatever size you would like.  It is good with me.

3- Yes I have given away the rubber bracelets the boys sent.  I gave them away mostly to other missionaries.

4- My responsibilities as a DL are that every Tuesday we have a district meeting and I have to run and direct that.  Along with that I have to prepare training for the missionaries in my district, and when my district needs it I need to give interviews for baptism!!!  I also get to have exchanges with my district and really that's all I do as the district leader!!

Well this week was super boring because my compañero can't leave the house and that means that I can't leave either!!!!  Honestly that was my week!  My compañero might get sent home because of his knees and back problems so I have no idea what will happen!!!  I am sorry that this email is super short but we didn't do anything this week!!!  And sorry that I don't have my camera this week--I forgot it in the house.

Now my questions: 

1- So ARE you guys moving to Prescott?

2- What about my cowboy hat?

3- Do you guys have plans for when Grandma and Grandpa come home?

4- How is Harris doing with his mission papers?

Well, sorry this is so short but this week we didn't do anything because of my compañero :(


Elder Farley

This is his email to Cory this week.  Cory's questions are in red below and Garrett's answers are in black.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1- My best experiences have been when I am preparing for my training that I give to my district and that's about it.
2- Yes I have given a few baptismal interviews, it's fun.
3- There are 5 missionaries in my district.
4- There are like 12 zones or so in my mission but I am not sure.
5- There are around 206 missionaries in my mission.
6- The church is pretty strong in Guayaquil, but not as strong as the States but it's still strong.
7- There are a lot of Stakes in Guayaquil--like 12 or so.
8- I have just been preparing for my training and those are the best experiences I have had so far as a DL.  I hope this answers your Q's. 

I LOVE you dad 

Elder Farley

There are no words to describe how great you are!!

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Cory Farley <cory@farleyholmes.com> wrote: 
I can't tell you how much we love getting your emails. It makes us feel as if we are right there with you experiencing everything you are experiencing. It is great! Great job on your emails! 
Now I have some questions that I'd love to hear the answer on.  
1. Tell us some of the experiences you are having as district leader?  
2. Do you do baptismal interviews? 
3. How many missionaries are in your district? 
4. How many zones are in your mission? 
5. How many missionaries are in your mission? 
6. How strong is the church in Guayaquil? 
7. How many stakes are there? 
8. Please always share a spiritual experience or two with us. That is what strengthens us and really helps your brothers and sisters. 
I hope you know how much I love you and how proud of you I am, Garrett. I am lucky to have you for my oldest son! 
I love you! 

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