Monday, March 31, 2014

Week #35 -- Free Baptisms


Hey como han estado? Espero que estaban muy bien, me alegre pues (Hey, how have you been?  I hope you have been fine, I am glad) First I just want to say something--you guys have been writing me on Monday afternoons.  Please stop it and please write me on Sunday night because one thing I have learned is that I NEVER know what time I will write you guys on Monday.  It could be in the morning or it could be in the afternoon so please just write on Sunday night so that we never have a week of not writing each other.  It could be a fun Sunday night thing if you guys as a family could write an email together and then on Monday night you guys could read my email as a family.   OK thank you guys!  I have a feeling Dad has told you the same thing before??

Well, I will start off by answering your questions:

1.  Who is your new companion?
1- I do not have a companion yet. I am in a trio with my zone leaders, Elder Caballero and Elder Guzman.  Elder Caballero is from Peru and Elder Guzman is from Honduras.  I did find out that I will train another Elder, so I will be a trainer again.

2.  Are you still in the same area?  Are you still living with Elder Caballero and Elder Guzman?
2- Yes I am still in Orquideas and yes I live with Elder Caballero and Elder Guzman.

3.  What have you learned from this experience of having 2 companions go home?
3- I am not going to lie, I have learned a lot!  I have learned how to study really hard and I have learned why I am here and I just need to put it in practice now.

4.  Did you receive our shoe package yet?
4- No, I still have not gotten it yet, but I am hoping with all my heart that I will receive it tomorrow, but I don't know.

5.  Are you noticing that Easter is a big deal there?
5- I have not noticed anything yet about Easter!!  When is Easter?

6- Were question 6 and 7 questions? Actually they weren't questions.  :-)  At least he is really reading my emails. 

AHORA Mi SEMANA (Now my week)

Well, Monday through Friday I was in the house doing nothing, with Elder Soto.  Then Friday he got sent home and I got put into a trio with my zone leaders.  Then last night I found out that in another week I will get a new companion who is brand new and I will get to train again.  I kind of want to train a Gringo, an Elder from the States, I think that would be cool!! Well here soon, like in two months, Presidente Amaya will go home and we will have a new Presidente.  Do you know who it is?

Saturday we had two baptisms.  I did not teach them and I really don't even know their names, but they still count as my baptisms so that was cool that I got some free baptisms :-)  I bet Dad knows what that's like!!  Man, I love that guy Cory Farley!

Well, that was basically my week.  Nothing really new happened.  Now I have just another week ahead and I am going to work hard to make you guys proud!!

Just know that I love each and every one of you guys!!


Elder Farley

Garrett the bull and Elder Cabellero

Ecuadorian fashion

What a crazy tie!

I love to see Garrett cooking, but I love the photo bomb from his companion even more.


Garrett's "FREE" baptisms of the people he doesn't know their names

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