Monday, March 24, 2014

Week #34 -- Puede que hable Español?

In our letter this week I asked Garrett how his Spanish is coming along.  Apparently he wanted to show me how well he is doing with it by writing his entire letter in Spanish.  :-) So, here is what I think it says.  I had to read between the lines on some parts and guess at what he meant.  Remember, Garrett's grammar is not the best so bear with both he and I.  He is still pretty cool though. :-)

¿hola como están? 

bueno pues comenzaremos con las respuestas de las preguntas:

1-  no no salimos esta semana, el tiene que ir a su casa porque he tiene que operarse entonces cualquier día el puede ir a la casa, solo estamos esperando por un llama de presidente!!

2- aun no pero muy pronto como mañana espero 

3- el parte mas bueno de me semana fue jueves porque estudie sobre obediencia y ahora entiendo obediencia casi perfecto y ahora entiendo mucho mas que antes y estoy animado aplicarlo ne mi vida me gusta eso experiencia porque yo sentí el espíritu muy fuerte durante eso hora de estudia, fue chevere

4-  you tell me! jaja

5- si pero no, no puedo encontrar eso cosa se perdió

6- no tengo fotos porque hicimos nada en la semana 

7- creo que me voy mirar conferencia general en mi casa!!! es una broma aquí en Orquídeas

Bueno entonces ahora me semana

bueno esta semana estábamos en la casa porque Elder Soto tiene que operarse entonces aquí muy pronto presidente va llamar,  entonces ya el se va a la casa, y el va ser mi segundo compañero que mato. pero toda la semana estábamos el la casa.

mi capacitación fue muy bueno estudie Juan 11 sobre lázaro y el nombre de mi capacitación se llama "QUITAD LA PIEDRA" cual cosa en su vida le pare de cumplir milagros, encontrar lo y quitad la piedra, estudien juan 11 y encontrar eso cosas y QUITAD LAS. entonces fue muy bueno mi distrito les gusto mucho!!

pues lo siento por una mala carta próximo va ser mejor les prometo, lo siento por no fotos próximo!!

les quiero mucho, nunca perder la fe, recuerda que son hijo y hijas de DIOS


Elder Farley_ 

Here is the rough translation in English:

Hello how are you?

Good, we'll start with the answers to your questions:

1.  Were you able to work this week with Elder Soto's back problems?
1- We did not get out this week.  He has to go home because he has to be operated on.  We are waiting for a call from the President!

2.  Did you receive our latest package?
2- Not yet but soon as tomorrow I hope. 

3.  What was the best part of your week?
3- The best part of my week was Thursday because I studied on obedience and now I understand obedience almost perfect.  I understand much more than before, and I'm upbeat and want to apply it to my life.  I liked that experience because I felt the spirit very strong during this time of studying.  It was cool!

4.  How is your Spanish coming along?
4- You tell me! Ha ha!

5.  Have you tried the magic trick that we sent you?
5- I can't find it, I think it is lost.

6.  Please send pictures this week.
6- I have no photos because we did nothing in the week.

7.  Where will you watch General Conference?
7- I think I'm going to look at general conference in my house! I am not sure what he was trying to say in this sentence. ?????

All is good here.  This week we were in the house because Elder Soto has to be operated on,  and very soon the president will call, then he will go home.  He will be my second partner that got sent home, but the whole week we were in the house.

My district training was very good.  I studied John 11 on Lazarus and the name of my training is called "take away the stone".  I taught them to take away the thing in their life that stops them from fulfilling miracles.  I want them to find it and take away the stone.  Consider John 11 and find that thing that needs to be removed? I thought it was very good and my district really liked it!

I'm sorry for a poor letter-- next week will be better, I promise you.  I am sorry for no photos!

I love you all, never lose faith, and remember that we are sons and daughters of God.

With much love-

Elder Farley

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