Monday, March 10, 2014

Week #32 - District Leader


First I want to comment on the pictures you sent me; The first- Chase is cute but a little naked (he was wearing a diaper in the picture).  Here in Ecuador I teach people about the law of chastity, does Chase know about this COMMANDMENT?  The second-Chase is much cuter with short hair and clothes!!  And don't tell Dad, but he is handsome for an old man!  Have you noticed the wrinkles around dads eyes?  I have developed those wrinkles as well and I am proud to have the resemblance of one of my best friend-- Dad, I love you!!  The third- Hayden looks a little mad or bothered? Why?  The last- Hayden is a goof ball, the BIGGEST GOOF BALL!!!!

Las respuestas a tus preguntas: (Answers to your questions):

1- Yes we still live with the Zone leaders, and yes, Elder Soto and I get along.  He is full of energy, he is black, and he has back problems like Elder Barreda so we will see how that turns out!!

2- In the mission here in Ecuador there are no senior compañeros or junior compañeros BUT I am the District Leader now!! So that is kind of exciting.  I am really excited to do that!!

3- Well, during Carnival we couldn't leave the house because everyone was splashing each other with water, sand, soap, chalk, and lots of other stuff so we couldn't leave, but me and my compañero did play Carnival with a family and it was fun but quite DIRTY.  I forgot to take pictures with my camera so I need to ask to get the pictures from the brother.

4- Well I have been here in Guayaquil for 1 month and I have only seen President Amaya once so I think it's just when he comes around.   He has to be in all of the places in the mission so I really don't know how often I will see him.
5- Well one of the best parts of my week was being called as the District Leader and another was finding a new investigadore se llama Micheal.  He is just like a PIT BULL.  He is a man of the world, he is rough, he dances, he has girls and everything, and his father is our ward mission leader.  His family has tried everything to get him baptized but nothing has worked.   My compañero was just like that before his mission so I think Elder Soto can really connect with him.  Micheal did go to church yesterday so that is promising.

Well our week has been a week full of laughter because my compañero is hilarious.  He really is so funny--you have no idea!!!  HABLA BIEN DICE!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!  This week was pretty normal.  Actually I was sick on Tuesday and I had diarrhea the whole week so that was fun.  This week we just worked and we found Micheal and we were suppose to have a baptism on Saturday but the guy wasn't home that day so we need to talk to him everyday and see whats up with him!!! So hopefully he will get baptized this week.  Please pray for him--his name is Carlos Rendon.  But other than that we had a normal week--nothing too exciting happened this week!!!

Ahora mis preguntas:

1- What shirts have you guys been taking? I want to know the exact shirts.
2- How are my cowboy boots doing? Did I store those away?
3- Can you send me a link to my blog?  I want to see that again?
4- When do Justin, Seth and Kyle come home? When do Grandma and Grandpa come home?
5- Can you send me another copy of my Patriartical Blessing but laminated?
6- Does Dad still have his mission plaques?
7- Whose birthday is next in the family? What do you think the best way to send packages to you guys from here is?

LOVE with all my heart 


Room mates: Elder Soto, Elder Caballero, Elder Calderon, Garrett 

Elder Farley with some serious "swag"

Comps:  Elder Soto and Elder Farley

Elder Caballero, Elder Calderon, Garrett

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