Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week #49 - Elder Farley: Gospel Principles Teacher

Hola como estan??? 

Well I will answer your questions:

1- Yes I did meet President Riggins.  He is really cool.  I like him a lot as president.  He is a little different as the president but still super cool.  He teaches full doctrine.

2- My compañero right now is Elder Gomez.  He is from Colombia.

3- Well the funniest thing that happened to me this week was probably when I found out that one of my investigators didn't know I was from the States.  She didn't know I was a gringo!!  I thought that was funny!!!

4- Every day I talk to people who know nothing about Jesus Christo and I have the privilege to tell them that He is our Savior and Master.  Because of that I feel like every day is a faith promoting experience.

5- No I haven't received a "hump day" package yet. I don't have a clue what "hump day" even means?

6- For the scriptures,  I don't care what kind you get me.

Well, this week we worked with the two families I talked about last week.  The family Diaz and Carrera.  They are progressing pretty good!!

This week the entire family Diaz went to church and they are all excited to get baptized this Friday!!  So that is super exciting!!!  On Sunday we helped them move some things around in their house, and that was actually really helpful to them.  Their house looks so much better this week!!  So please continue to pray for this family because we have 5 baptisms this week.  The Diaz family this week is crucial for them if they are going to be baptised!!  I am sure that I will baptise one or two of them!!!  That is so sweet!!!  I am excited!!

With the family Carrera the father is progressing super good, but la falla (it is failing) with his wife and daughters.  We are really working with them so they won't forget who they are again!!  So please pray for them so they can find who they are again!!  They are a good family and I want to see them in the temple but I can't make them go--they have to choose!!  When we teach them they are all very receptive but when it comes to the invites to read or go to church only the Dad does them so please pray for the mom and the daughters!!  That would be awesome because their sons has a baptism as well this week!!

Well this week the Bishop called me and said that the teacher of the Gospel Principles class wasn't going to be there on Sunday so he asked me if I could teach the class--so I did!!  Everyone said that I did a great job!!  It was actually fun teaching.  I taught about the Plan of Salvation and that was way cool to teach them that!!!!  So that was cool!!

Well that was my week basically so that's cool!

HERE are my questions:

1- What does "hump day" mean?
2- Does Hank like the dogs?
3- What should I study at BYU Idaho?
4- How did Dad know what he should do for his job?
5- How long do the doctors think that Hank will be like this?


Elder Farley,

P.S. I am a representative of the Lord-- "whether it is by my own voice or by the voice of my servants it is the same" --remember that! (last week Garrett gave us a promise that Hayden would be healed.  That is what this comment is referring to.  Such a wonderful son!)

Elder Farley looks amazing!

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