Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week #51 - (A Slight Exaggeration)

HOLA como están!!!!!!!!!!!

To answer your questions: 

1-  I am happy about my new scriptures--thanks!

2- No I still have not yet received my "hump day" package. 

3- Umm I can't think of anything special that happened this week--just the same awesomeness.

Well my week is as follows... it was a pretty awesome week!!!

Well on Wednesday me and my compañero went to a different sector to help 2 Elders paint a house.  We went to Bella Vista and we helped Elder Gray and Elder Tingy.  Elder Gray is from Australia and Elder Tingy is from Las Vegas.  They are super cool!!!!!  So we showed up to the house (we got a little lost on the way) and then we went to the Sister's house and we painted the whole thing (or just a room).  We had fun!  We were talking and having fun and then we ate lunch with all of them.  It was even cooler because the Elders share a ward with the Sister missionaries so that was cool eating with the Sisters.  It was a different cool!!  Then after we did that we preached the gospel to like 100 people (more like 10) and like 50 of them have baptismal dates (more like 3 have dates) :-).  So that day was super cool!!!

Then on Friday we had interviews with the new president and with his wife!!  They are just the nicest darn people you will ever meet!!  They are super awesome!  President Riggins knows FULL doctrine and Sister Riggins is just so loving and so kind!!  I DID tell them about Hayden so yes they do know.  I am super grateful for the change of presidents that we just had. It is super awesome!!!!

Well this week I studied Alma 5 and this chapter is about true conversion.  In this chapter Alma asks us a series of questions to see if we are converted.  So, my question to you is, are you converted to the gospel?  I invite you guys to study this chapter and ask your selves if you are converted.  In the end of the chapter he invites us to change.  I love the scriptures.

Well, this has been my week.  I love you guys and I pray for you every day!!!


1- For my birthday I would love more ties or Sanuks!!!  Or whatever you want to send me, I don't really care.

2- How is Chase?


Elder Farley-

Elders Gray, Tingy, ?, Farley

A new friend?

Serving soda at the baptismal service of the Bishop's daughter

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