Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Week #48 - Carrera and Diez Families

Hola como esta???

Mom how can I send a package home? I have something for everyone but I need to mail it home and I don't know how, so what would be the best way to send the package home? P.S. Hayden, I have something special for you buddy!!

Well this week was way cool!  This week we found two families to teach!!  The first family is named the family Carrera, and the second family is the family Diez--they are both super cool!!

The Carrera family is a less active family who were sealed in the temple.  The dad served in the high council and in the Bishopric.  The wife was a counselor in the relief society but for some reason they left the church.  They have been inactive for almost two years so we have found them this week and we have been teaching them and we committed them to go to church this week and they WENT!!  They are all progressing very well, but the father most of all!!  So please pray for them so they can continue to progress!!

The second family is the Diez family. They are investigators and they are super awesome!!  In this family there is the Mom and 4 kids.  They are all progressing amazingly well.   They have a baptismal date for the 11th of July.  We have been teaching them and they have been soaking up all the lessons--its amazing.  But this family is very humble.  They basically don't have money to eat, so whenever the mom talks its always like "the kids don't have to eat".   This breaks my heart, but at the same time all I feel is love for them!!!  Please pray for them if you can!!

Well this has really been my week.  This Thursday or Friday we are going to eat lunch with the new president of the mission.  Other than that, we have just been trying to find more families to teach this week!! 

Really the only thing that frustrates me in the mission is that some people don't want anything to do with our church or with us.  Don't they know that we are only here to bring them blessings?  I just want to know how Hayden is doing each week because I love that little kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Farley-

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