Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week #50 - The Diaz Family was baptized!



Well I will answer your questions first like I always do!!!!

1- Yes I did find out how to send a package to the US, so this week I am going to ask my Bishop here to help me send it home!!  I will tell you what is in the package but don't tell anyone else, ok MOM?  Well there is an Ecuador soccer jersey for everyone and there are a few letters and a Mexican hand bag for Hayden.

2- On Friday we had 6 baptisms and the whole Diaz family got baptized!!  That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3- One of the Carrera daughters has been doing better but the other one isn't and I am not sure why? The mom is being really difficult and I don't know why either.

4- The highlight of my week was having 6 baptisms on Friday.  So far this month me and my compañero have had 7 baptisms and we can still get more--we have other people who are ready for baptism. 

So now I will tell you guys about my week!!  So basically this whole week we were preparing for our baptisms.  I am not going to lie--that that was really stressful!  I am so happy that they got baptized though!!!  So on Friday evening we baptized the Diaz family.  I baptized 3 of them and my compañero baptized 2 of them.  I baptized a little girl named Dayana, a little boy named Saul, and a teenager named Julio.  I helped to baptize a lady named Kenia.  She is a little sick so she needed help to get baptized!!  Then my compañero baptized Kenia the mom and the daughter who is also named Kenia.  Then Hno (Bro.) Carrera baptized his son Andy!!

I can not describe how it feels to baptize someone, especially when they are TRUE converts.  The feelings are incredible! In one year I can go to the temple with this family and watch as they get sealed for all time and eternity.  I know that the work that I am doing is the greatest work on the face of the earth!  I truly know the meaning of the scripture, "a rock cut with no hands" .  I am that rock and the Lord is that life eternal.  I am so grateful that through me and my compañero the family Diaz will be sealed for time and all eternity!!!!  I am humbled by the thought that if I didn't come on the mission they would not have known the gospel!!!  I know that this work is the Lord's--our Savior Jesus Christ!!!

Well basically that was my week.  We prepared and then we baptized!!  

Well MOM I just watched that video for Hayden that our cousins made and WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW the cousins have changed so much--especially Jack--he is huge!  Wow!!!!  I was so surprised by that.  Wow!  Imagine in a year what the cousins will look like.  Wow I can't even think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The boys are huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I

"Pretty much he's the greatest ever"  -Ethan Jameson

I agree with what Ethan said about you Hayden.  Hayden the thing that I love about you is that you are a champ, you are like one of the 2000 stripling warriors.  They are brave, they know who to put their trust with, and you Hayden are a HUGE example to me!!!!  Thank you so much Hayden-- I love you more than you could ever know!!!!!  I pray for you every day buddy!!!!!! ;)

My questions:

1- How are Morgan and George doing?

2- Dad didn't go to the Farley Priesthood camp? I would imagine that it was way different without him.

3- Mom I love you so much and I pray for you every day.


Elder Farley-

Garrett and the Diaz Family

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