Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week #52 -- Hump Week-- One Year down, one year to go!

Hola como  están!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!  I am sorry to say this, but you are old now Mom!!  Like really old!  Ha ha ha ha--jk!  Mom you are beautiful and you look like you have 17 years. :-) You look really good Mom!  I love you so much and yes I did think of you a lot this week.  You are awesome!!

Well, like always I will answer your questions:

1- Well the truth is that I don't really need new ties but I want more ties.  So use your good judgment on my birthday gift.

2- Well you know what would be a cool gift?  If I got the ring that Joseph Smith had or one of the first Books of Mormon.  Those are just ideas, but whatever you get would be cool.

3- Just like the ties, I don't need more Sanuks, but I would like some more.   Como sea.
4- I have a lot of shirts but almost all of them are HUGE on me.  My socks and shoes are fine, but I need new pants.  The ones I got at home are all REALLY HUGE on me now so receiving smaller pants would be great.

5- I have plenty of garments because I bought some new ones last month.

So now I will tell you about my week:

This week was really pretty normal.  Nothing new happened.  We just are looking for a family to teach and so they can get baptized.

Tuesday we looked everywhere to find a family to teach.

Wednesday we did the same but this day we worked with divisions with a couple of jovens (I don't know what this word is) and I think they are potential investigators so we will see how they are.  They are the Congel family.

Thursday we had intercambios (exchanges) so I was working with Elder Gallardo. He is from Mexico.  He was cool and we just worked a ton and it was fun.

Friday we had intercambios (exchanges) with the zone leaders and I was with Elder Bench.  He is from Utah and we found this kid named Victor.   He has a date for baptism this week but he has an earring and I am not sure if he is ready spiritually yet but we will see how it goes!!

Saturday the zone leaders had baptisms so we were helping them get everything ready for those baptism so that was fun helping them get ready for that. 

Then Domingo (Sunday) we went to church and everything was great.  We ate lunch with the Bishop and then we went to several houses of the members and we had FHE and I taught the lesson about Helaman 5:12.  I am really starting to understand what it means to be converted and what we need to do to be converted!! Its chevere (I think this means something like awesome)

I want to share with you something powerful that I have learned this week from Helaman 5:12.  I learned that if I do 4 things I will be super strong in the Church.  What I need to do is READ, PRAY, GO TO CHURCH, and PAY TITHING.  This is really cool and we all need to learn and apply these principles!!!

Well this has been my week and I have loved being here in the mission--its the best!!!

My questions

1- How is Grandma and Grandpa?

2- How many missionaries do we have in the ward?

3- How was your birthday?

4- How are Morgyn and George doing?


Elder Farley

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