Monday, August 11, 2014

Week #54 - Victor Gets Baptized


Como estan?

Well I will answer your questions:

1- Yes I did receive your package and I loved it--thank you so much!!!

2- Well we did have a baptism this week.  The kid that was baptized is named Victor.

3- The truth is that I don't know.  I can never tell when I will be transferred.

I will tell you about my week now!!!

Well this week was super great!  Basically this week we just narrowed down our list of investigators.  It was hard to give up some of our investigators but it had to be done because they weren't progressing.  So we are still on the look out for more investigators. 

This week Victor was baptized!!! YEAH!!!  But it was sad because right after he was baptized he went to a party and got super drunk.  It is sad but it doesn't stop him from receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, so he got confirmed.  It is still super sad to us.  He is a 15 yr old kid and his parents really don't care that much about him, but I will not give up on him.  I will continue to teach him and continue to be his friend and hopefully he can change and realize what he is doing is wrong!!

This week in my study I was reading in Mormon.  Let me tell you this guy is a champion!  I have loved reading this book because Mormon is the only righteous guy on earth at this moment, and I want take my hat off to this guy--he is a true warrior of god!  I want to be like Mormon or Nephi or Cory Farley--some of the greatest people in the church!! 

Well basically this was my week.  It was awesome!

My questions:

1- How are my friends doing on their missions?

2- Did you guys get my package?

3- What should I study when I get back?


Elder Farley

Garrett, Victor, Elder Gomez

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