Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Week #55 - Service Saturday

Hola querida familia! Como están? (Hello dear family.  How are you?)

Pues, to answer your question:

1- I think I am the señor compañero but I am not sure.

2- Well we kinda got some new investigators this week because I was put in a trio companionship, so I kinda adopted the investigators from one of my compañeros.

3- OK, I will be looking for those packages.

Well here is my week-

Monday my compañero, Elder Gomez got transferred and I got put into a trio with Elder Gray and Elder Pimentel.  Then on Tuesday night Elder Gray got transferred and Elder Le Fevre got put in with us!!  So this week was a crazy week of changes!!

Because this week was a little crazy with changes we really didn't have that much time to really look for investigators, but we did visit a couple of people who are going to get baptized this week.  Her name is Yomaira.  We might possibly have another baptism but I don't know if he will actually be baptized--we shall see.  

Oh, this week was full of service on Saturday.  We helped our Bishop cook some food so a family can sell it to make some money for a surgery that he needs.  Then we cleaned the church to help prepare for the Ward Conference!!  It was all fun!!

This week was really crazy with all of the changes and what not.  However, I studied the last couple of chapters of Mormon and I really do look up to this guy.  He is awesome!!!  I am loving the scriptures!!!!

Well basically that was my week.  It was crazy but it was good!! Sorry if this is lame.


My questions:

1- Does Senaka have an accent?

2- Who else is leaving for missions?

3- Who else is getting back soon?

I love you all will all my heart!!


Elder Farley

Helping a member of the ward by making food that they are going to sell

Peeling plantains

Selfie :-)

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