Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week #56 - Transferred back to Orquideas Sector in Guayaquil


Well, first of all I will start by answering your questions!!

1- We got Yomaira to the point to be baptized, but she hid from us so she did not get baptized this week!!!

2- I have no idea why I had so many changes last week, but it has to be for a reason!!

3- No, I am not in Quevedo Norte 2 anymore because I got changed.

4- My ingrown toenails don't hurt, but they just look bad.  I will start doing those things you told me to do this week, I just haven't had time yet!!

5- I don't have any feelings of frustration or anything like that anymore.  I am just super excited.

6- Ummm... that is a good question!  I would say the most significant thing I have learned so far on my mission is that I have been changed from a boy into a man.  That would be my biggest lesson.

7- No, I don't have any questions about Hayden's cancer or treatments because I know the Lord will take care of everything!!!

I will now tell you about my week!!

Today I had changes!!!  I am not in Quevedo anymore, I am now in GUAYAQUIL AGAIN!  And the crazy part is that I am almost in my same sector.  I am now literally on the other side of the street and its called Los Vergeles.  My compa├▒ero is named Elder Arcos, and he is from Quito.  He is really cool.  I knew him before and I am excited to work with him!!!!  Even though I am a little sad to leave Quevedo I am excited to work and have a new start so I am full excited!!!!

Well, this week is as follows:

Monday we had a family night lesson with our Bishop.  He is SOOOOO cool!  He has been my best Bishop by far and that family night lesson was really cool.  It was a little different because it has been my first real family night lesson in a year and it was in Spanish!!!  It was way cool!  Sometimes I just sit back and think, "I am thinking and talking in Spanish and I can understand everything, WOW!"

On Tuesday we went and visited Yomaira and we got her super excited for her to get baptized.  We also got this little kid named Omar to be super excited to be baptized!!! That was awesome!!

Wednesday we went to Guayaquil to go through the templo, and let me tell you that I love the temple!!  We traveled there all day and we spent the night in Guayaquil.

Thursday we went through the temple again and then we had a meeting with the president and all was cool.  I loved that day!  There was a scripture he shared that said, "God will not be mocked." OHHHH I loved that scripture I love President Riggins!!

Then Friday was the day Omar and Yomaira were supposed to be baptized, so we got everything to be ready, but Omar decided that he didn't want to be baptized.  I have realized that it is his choice--its his salvation not mine.  But we did explain everything to him.  Yomaira hid from us so she didn't get baptized either.  Saturday we tried to find her again and get her baptized but she hid from us again. I felt a little bad.  

Then Sunday was a normal day--nothing too exciting, and now I am here in GUAYAQUIL again!!

Well this week I was studying in my scriptures, in the front, in the introduction and in the first few pages!!! They are soooooo sweet!!! I LOVE THEM!

This has been my week--nothing to exciting!!


Elder Farley 

Garrett and Elder Tingey from Las Vegas at the Guayaquil Temple

Elder Bench from Utah, Garrett, Elder Lang from California

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