Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week #62 - Garrett-- The future Movie Director/Producer

Hola Familia!!!

Como están? 

Well, I will first start off by answering your questions.

1- My companion, Elder Zelayaran is really cool.  A little weird, but he is cool.  We get along good!!  He was born in the church and both of his parents were missionaries so its a little easier to train him!!  But he is cool.

2- I LOVED the native Spanish speakers in General Conference because it is not the same when there is a translator! But I loved that new thing they did!! Did Dad understand when that guy spoke in Portuguese? Did he understand ALL of it? Because I understood all of what they said in Spanish--ALL of it!

3- What is that movie? (Meet the Mormons)

4- We didn't have a District Meeting this week.  We got special permission to watch a movie for our meetings and we watched Ephraim's Rescue (such a great movie).

5- I guess my district is called the district of Elder Farley. :-)

6- My biggest struggle this week was just trying to get everyone to go to church to see General Conference.

7- My biggest success this week was when some of them came to the church to watch General Conference.  :)

Well, now I will tell about my week.

This week was pretty normal.  We really didn't do anything too cool.

Basically we just invited the whole world to come to General Conference and we got about 3 investigators and 7 less active people to attend!! So that wasn't that bad.  Really that was basically our week.  Sorry that it was lame!!

But I did LOVE conference.  I got some GREAT personal revelation!  This week we had a meeting with President Riggins and he told us that we need to start teaching about God and who he is so the people can follow the TRUE GOD (John 17:3).  So this week we taught everyone about who God is.  As I was teaching this week,  I was feeling badly because I wanted to teach with power and authority like those missionaries in the Book of Mormon.  So, I was feeling just a little down because the people weren't willing to follow the real God.  But after Robert D. Hales spoke I realized that I just need to study more about God and I need to find out who he is so I can teach the people with more power!!!  So, that is what I will do this week!!

Also in this conference I received personal revelation about my future career.  This is actually a funny story.  On Saturday, in the morning session, I received this huge feeling that I needed to be a movie director.  So for the whole day I was doubting my answer and I decided that I wasn't going to do it.  But when Henry B. Eyring spoke he said, "When you receive personal revelation, accept the answer and then do what it says."  So when I heard that I kind of shrunk down in my seat and I said, "Ok, I will be a movie producer then!!!"  Ha, Ha, Ha!  I thought that was kind of funny!!

I also realized something else interesting.  This conference I was thinking about Dad and Mom.  I was thinking about what GREAT parents they are.  They are the best!  Not only are they great parents, but they are GREAT members of the church. I was wondering why they don't have higher callings, because they are great examples and can be great leaders.  Then I realized that they were released right before Hayden got cancer.  They were released when we didn't know about his cancer and now the Lord has made it so the only worry that they have is Hayden.  I think the Lord has something in store for our family that is very special and through this trial you guys will learn important lessons and in the future, when Hayden is healed, you guys will have the opportunity to be GREAT leaders in the church.  Now this is just something that I was thinking about.  I don't know if this is true, but I THOUGHT THAT WAS INTERESTING.

Well, that was basically my week.  Sorry that it was lame!!

My questions:

1- Did the Farley men go to priesthood together? Did they go to eat afterward?

2- What did Morgyn think of GC?

3- Do you think that what I received was personal revelation? or no?

4- How is Harris?


Elder Farley

All ready for General Conference.  Sunglasses?

Handsome Garrett!

He must be going for a "Men in Black" look.

Paintball fun on P-day

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