Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week #61 - District Leader and Trainer

HOLA!!!! Familia, Wamilia, Tamamilia...Como Estan?

D&C 84:88 " I the lord am with you" (basically is what it says).

I know without fear, doubt, or questions in my mind  that we lived with God.  He knows us, he loves us, we loved him, we worked with him, we lived with him, we laughed with Him, we cried with Him, we learned from Him, we fought for Him, we won the war with Him.  NOW that we forgot everything and as we are walking by faith towards our beloved father to live once more with our Celestial Dad, He with his son are fighting for and are fighting with us as we come back home to Him. He has provided the means, he has provided the path, and he is helping us through this journey. We waited THOUSANDS of years for the opportunity that we have now.  The LORD WILL NOT LEAVE US ALONE.  He loves us too much.  Together we have worked too hard to get here. No matter what happens just know that the Lord will lift you up and through GOD and JESUS CHRIST we can be perfected!  Just know that you guys are never alone.  He sent Christ to fight with you!

Well, I will start off by answering your questions:

1- If you really want to send another pair of Sanuks you can, but you are not obligated to send them!!

2- No we haven't seen the homeless man again, but I have been looking for him.

3- We are going to watch General Conference in the church and BTW I can NOT wait to see Conference General.

Now I will tell about my week:

Monday we received a call from the Zone Leaders that my compañero was going to be transferred.  But he wasn't going to have to change until Wednesday, so for Monday and all day Tuesday we were saying goodbye to everyone and we were packing his stuff. So basically that is what we did all those days!!  They also called me to be District leader and I am going to train a new missionary!!  So I am a District Leader and a trainer!!

Wednesday we went to the head stake center called La Kennedy where we had a meeting all day and we meet our new compañeros.  So my compañeros name is Elder Zelayaran.  He is from Peru, Lima and he has not even a week in the mission.  I will probably be with him for 3 months but I don't know, lets just see!  This meeting that we had was really powerful!  Something that president said that really impacted me was, "you can be a disobedient missionary and baptize, but you can still go to hell".  WHHHAATT!!!!  That was so powerful because he said it in English and man the spirit was so powerful.  Dang, you guys should have been there!!!

We came back late in the night so I didn't have much time to work with Elder Zelayaran, but on Thursday we worked and we passed by the house of Hermana Augustina and she is just breaking my heart. She is still having doubts about the only true church so we told her to ask her pastor if her church has 1 prophet, 12 apostles, and the power of god in the priesthood.  She did just that and her pastor said that they do have all of that (which is a lie).  So she doesn't want to listen to us anymore, which is just killing me because she KNOWS that this church is true.  She just doesn't have the courage to join and I don't know why.  So that was way hard!  To help her we are trying to get her to go to General Conference so we will see what happens.

The other family that we are working with is called the Familia Tenorio and they attend church almost every week but they just never have time to hear our lessons.  Also, the owner of the house won't let us come in the house.  But we are going to work with them in these next couple of weeks.

Other than that we are just trying to be the best missionaries that we can be.  I am trying to be the best example I can be.  
Thank you for the advice about my future wife.  I will definitely put that in first place when I get home!

Now for my questions:

1- How are you guys feeling about this surgery?

2- How is Hayden doing through this?

3- How can you guys apply the atonement of Jesus Christ in this situation?

4- And for Cami- Alma 5:14, she is a light if she can at least just smile.  She will become an angel to those who need a better day, and by her smile she can change that, because she has a beautiful smile.  3 Nephi 19:25 says we can have the countenance of Christ in our lives.

Well family I love you a ton, and just know that God will provide!!

Les amo mucho, estan en mis oraciones cada dia, y siempre siempre tengan fe, Fe es poder (I love you a lot and you are always in my prayers everyday and always, always have faith.  Faith is power.)

Elder Farley

New Companion: Elder Zelayaran

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