Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week #64 - Ingrown toenail #4

Hola como están?

Well, I will start off by answering your questions:

1- We didn't get to go see Angelica this week because I had to rest from my ingrown toenail.  We didn't go out to work much because of my sore toe.  

2- The picture that you saw of me on Facebook was from a little while ago.  The Stake here had an activity about family history work and there was like a little place where you could take pictures with those mustaches, so all of the Elders took this picture.  I thought it was sweet!!!

3- Yes, I am happy.  I am exercising and yes I feel healthy.  Everything is alright with me--there really is no need to be worried about me.

4- Yes, I will take pictures of my planner and my scriptures, but can I know why you want to see those pictures?

This week was pretty normal.  We were in the house all day because of my sore, ingrown toe nail that was taken out last Monday.  So all week we were resting.  On Thursday we started to work but we really couldn't do that much because we didn't have a good start of the week.

The only cool thing that we did this week was on Thursday I had a super bad headache and I was thinking about why my head hurt so badly and then I took a poop and right then my headache went away!! JAJAJAJA jk--that is just a joke.

No, but sorry this week was normal. I am super glad that Hayden is OK now!!  That is the news that I wanted to hear and I am super happy that Hayden is doing great!!!!

Well, sorry that this week was lame.  I am really sorry.

My questions:

1- So did you guys apply to BYU for me?

2- Just keep me informed about Hayden.

3- I love you guys a lot! 

4- Sorry that this email is really lame.

5- But I love you guys.

6- With all my heart.


Elder Farley

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