Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week #87 - Release Date = July 14, 2015

Hola, como estan?

HELLO how is everyone?  I just wanted you guys to know that I KNOW that families will be together forever if they live according to the gospel!!! I love you guys and I am thankfull that we can celebrate this Easter week that Jesus made possible for us to return and live with God!!!

Well, now I will start off by answering your questions-

1- Have you found out why you were transferred?  What was the emergency? 

1- I have no idea, but I am sure that I am right where the Lord needs me to be!! BTW- I don't think that they will ever tell me. 

2- What are the members in Duran like?

2- The members here in Duran are so good to us!!  They love the missionaries here.  A couple of them call us their kids :-).  They are awesome!!  There is work to do here so I will buckle up and get working!!!

3- Does Duran have Stakes and Wards or Districts and Branches?

3- There are Stakes and Wards.  In my sector I can see the center of Guayaquil and about every night when the sun sets it lights up the city in a way that is beautiful.  I love my sector!!!

4- How do you like Elder Arroyo?

4- He is really cool.  He has the same time as I do in the mission, so we both know what it's like to have compañeros so we get along just great!!! Where is aunt Monica from? Because my compañero is from Argentina as well.

5- I heard that all missionaries are supposed to do 10+ hours of service/week.  Is that true for you as well?

5- Well, we are encouraged to do service but there is not a requirement to do a certain munber of hours.  But we will do whatever service the people need.

Before I tell you guys about my week I have an announcement.  The office has told me what date I will be going home.  They told me that the 14th of July I will be going home!!!  So I just wanted you guys to know so you can get prepared.  I want to remind you its in about 3 months--so heads up!!  When they told me that I got really sad because I thought, "what will I do when I get home?".....I have nothing to do!!!  I just need to work even harder these last couple of months!!

So now I will tell you guys about my marvelous week-

Tuesday we had District meeting and my District Leader (my compañero) taught us about working with what the prophets have given us to work with.  They have given us some guidelines that we should follow and the promises are set that if we do them then we will be blessed!!!  Then the rest of the day we worked hard in the blazing sun!!!  We climbed mountains and it was awesome!!!

Wednesday was a normal day.  We worked hard in the heat and with the swarms of mosquitos.  We even went on visits with our Ward Mission Leader.  He is a great guy who likes to talk a lot!!!

Thursday we went to the temple in the early morning.  While we were in the temple I brought in the celestial room my patriachal blessing and I read it and I got so much insight about my life.  It was really great!!!  Then after the temple we went to a meeting that we had with Presidente.  It was a multi-zone conference!!  We talked a lot about working with the Ward Council and helping them get to where they need to be.  It was awesome.  This is where they told me the date I will be leaving.  It was sad :-(.

Friday was a VERY rainy day in the morning,  After the rain stopped it was very hot!  We were able to teach a lot of people and we were able to find a couple possible new families!!

Saturday we went  back to the temple because a family that I taught a year ago got sealed in the temple!!!! !!!! YESSSSS IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!  This family is named the Guerra family and when we found them (a year ago) they were inactive.  But we helped them come back to the church. On saturday they were sealed and I had the privilege of being a witness!!! It was awesome!!!  I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY!  I can not describe how happy I was !!!!!!  It was an amazing feeling to know that this family was making covenants with the Lord!!!!!  It was awesome!!!!! I WILL get married in the temple!!!

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings.  We also found a new family called Andrea Salcedo.  She is very cool.  She had a question about the work for the dead in the temple.  It was awesome so hopefully she can progress.

Well, this has been my week.  It was an awesome week!!!! I loved it!!!! ;)

I want you guys to know that God has all power.  He lives.  Christ lives.  They love us.  We can become perfected through Jesus Christ!!! 

I love you guys!!! Sorry I don't have pictures this week, I forgot my camera!!


Elder Farley

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