Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #89 - The Power of God is REAL!!!

HOLA!! Como estan?

I can't believe it either that in three months I will be home.  All I can think now is that I only have three months to become who I need to become for Jesus.  I only have three months to become truly converted to the gospel!!  So I have a lot to do in these three months!!! And yes, I DO love that necklace!!  That's totally radical!!!

Well, I will start off by answering your questions-

1- Who has been your favorite companion?

1- I have no idea!!  That's a hard question because I have had 18 compañeros!! But I would have to say, out of the MANY compañeros that I have had, Elder Arroyo, the compañero I have right now is my favorite!!!

2- Do you serve in the rich or poor part of Duran?

2- I serve in a poor part of Duran.  My sector is Ferravario and it is in the center of Duran and it is on a hill.  That is basically my sector.

3- Will you email my Dad?

3- If I have time today I will write him an email!!!

4- What has been the most significant change in you so far on your mission?

4- The cold honest truth is that I don't know.  I haven't seen specific changes in me!!  I know I have changed but I don't know how.  I wouldn't know what to say to you about that.  Sorry!

Well, for my week it was actually kind of slow!! I was sick as well this week. :(

Tuesday we had district meeting, and my district leader taught us about working more with the members.  It was very good what he taught. I understand what he said and I understand the doctrine and all I have to do now is apply what he said. I just have to visit more members and help them so that they can help us in the future!!  So this week we tried to do just that.  Unfortunately we both got sick this week and it was very hard for us to work that well!!  But as far as the rest of our day goes it was quite simple--we visited a few families and we helped them come more unto Christ!! Pretty simple actually.

Wednesday was also a very normal day.  Not that many people were home so it was actually a slow day.  We had an exchange and I was with an Elder by the name of Lang.  He is from California and he is a really cool guy!!  We got along really well.

Thursday we had a zone meeting.  The zone leaders went to a conference with the Presidente and then in the morning they told us everything that Presidente wants us to know.  So basically what he said was that we as missionaries are angels and what angels do for God is the ministering work.  What that means is that we do the work of God here on the earth.  So that was really cool!!! I am like an angel.  Wow, watch out!  jajajajaja ;) 

Friday we gathered together with the assistants and they gave us cake.  Yea, I love it when other angels give us angel cake!!! jaja But they gave it to us for completing the goal!!  It was awesome!  They came to us and congratulated us for completing the goal and then we ate the cake!!!  It was awesome!!!!  Then the rest of the day nobody was home again so we didn't have much to do!!!  We really couldn't do anything!!!

Saturday I was sick.  I woke up and my head was just killing me and my body was  aching so bad!!!  We didn't work this day because I just couldn't work!!

Sunday I felt a little better!!  So we went to church and everything was great but afterwards I felt just so bad.  We decided we were going to go home and rest, but a brother from the Ward asked me if I wanted a blessing and I said yes!!!  So my compañero and Brother Chavez (that's his name) gave me a blessing and almost immediately after the blessing I felt 95% better!! WOW the priesthood is the power of God!!!  I am grateful for this experience!!! It was awesome!!!!

Well, I am a lot better right now.  I just have an upset stomach but nothing too bad that I can't handle!!!!  But that experience gave me more of a testimony that the power of God is real and that He does have all power!! I knew this before but it is different that I experienced it first hand!!!  It was radical!!!

Well, this has been my week.  I hope you guys can feel what I feel during the service that I give here in the mission field!!! I love you guys!!!

BTWS- I love the pictures that the hospital took of Hayden and the family!!! They are awesome!!!


1- Zach Baird never went to Brazil?
2- Has anyone else gotten married?


Elder Farley

Elder Lang and Elder Farley

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