Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week #90 - "Croked-Nose" Farley


Ja ja ja ja ja!  You guys are truly tv stars now!!!!  That's awesome!!  I am very grateful as well that I was able to be healed so quickly.  That was a very cool experience.  Yes, I did write that experience in my journal so don't worry about that mother.  Are you serious that we will talk in THREE weeks for Mother's Day? Wow time is flying fast!!  I have no idea where the time has gone!!  But, I guess that we will talk in three weeks!!  What will we talk about because after that I will be home in like 7 weeks?  Oh well.

This is very true what you guys said about becoming the man I need to become.  I have all of my life to do just that!!!  So even though I have little time left to make use of on my mission, I have a lot of time to become a man of God during my life-time!!!  Just like dad is, my role model. 

And now I will answer your questions- 

1- Is there anything in particular that you want us to send you in the last 3 months of your mission?  Remember that anything we send you, you will have to carry back home.

1- Umm..I have nothing in particular that I would really like to have, so I think anything would be cool!!!

2- Are there any treats or snacks that you want us to send you that you have been missing from home?

2- Maybe some sunflower seeds--BBQ flavored, or some cool candies that I can share with my compañeros.  But anything is cool!!

3- Have you taken lots of pictures of Ecuador, the mission president, the mission home, your apartments, people, etc?  You don't have much time left to capture a picture of these things, so I want to make sure you take all of the pictures you want now.

3- Yes, I think I have gotten all the pictures that I want.  I am just excited to share them with you guys!!

4- Do you have any upcoming baptisms?

4- Yes, actually we have one this Saturday!!!!  Her name is Pricilla.  She has 14 years of age and she actuallly came to us and told us that she wanted to be baptized so that was like WAY cool.  So if everything goes smoothly she will be baptized on Saturday.

5- Are you studying English with your companion?

5- He actually knows English, so the truth is that we don't study English that much.  But it's alright because he's a cool guy who knows English.

Well, my week has been awesome.  It was actually a very cool week and I loved it!! ;) ;)

Tuesday we had district meeting and my wonderful district leader taught us about  reverance and how through reverance we can receive revelation.  So, as I thought about it I was like, "wow that's so true!"  So, after we talked a little about that we did some practice teachings and we helped out some of the Elders and Sisters in our district with ideas of how they can better teach their investigators!!! It was awesome!  Then in the afternoon we went to visit people and it was awesome even though a lot of people weren't home.  I just love being here and I love talking to the people!!

Wednesday we had exchanges and I was with Elder Lang.  He is a great guy!!!  We visited people all day and we had some great lessons with members and with some less active people.  It was awesome!  But the only bad thing that happened was in the night everything we had planned just fell through and nobody was home so we couldn't visit anyone!!  So, we decided to go to the Stake Center and we were there for a little bit talking with some members then we decided to go look at our family tree in the family history center.  We looked at my tree and we totally felt the spirit of Elijah!!  It was awesome!!!!! ;)  We looked way far back and we got to the year 100 ad--it was awesome!!!  We found a man who was a Scottish king and his nick name just killed me with laughter!!!  His nick name was "croked-nose"!  Me and Elder Lang were just laughing hard and we made some little jokes about the "croked-nose".  It was awesome and then we went home!!!

Thursday was just a normal day.  We just visited a lot of people and some of them were home but most weren't home so it was kind of a bummer.

Friday we had another exchange and I was with Elder Arias from Colombia.  This Elder is my friend because we started the mission in the same Zone and he is just a great guy!!!  But anyway, we visited people all day and it was awesome.  I thought it couldn't have gotten better but then it did!!  In the night we stopped by the family Quijije--they are less actives.  On the way there we meet a homeless man.  He had a crazy unkept beard and his hair was wild.  Then he talked to us and his voice was just soo high. I couldn't tell if he was a boy or girl!!!  So we said "hello" to him and we went on our way, but little did I know that he was actually family of the family we were going to visit.  So when we got to the house where we were going, he followed us.  He just stood in the door and started singing!!  Then he went behind the window, I was sitting in front of the window, and he started doing this beatbox thing and started acting like he was on the international radio show and this whole time I was dying of laughter!!!  Then I started to talk to him and I found out that his name was Richard.  So he started singing again but this time he picked up an umbrella and used it as a microphone.  He cracked me up!!!! I also took a picture of him because he is my new friend!!! ;) Ja ja ja ja it was awesome!!!!!

Saturday was a normal day, we found the girl that will be baptised on Saturday so that was way cool!!!

Sunday was a normal Sunday full of meetings!!! ;)

Well, I hope that you guys can feel what I experience here in the mission!! Because what I experience gives me so much joy!!!!! ;) It truely does!!!



Elder Farley

I love it that he is wearing his "Brave Like Hank" bracelet

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