Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week #96 - Mini MTC

Dear Family, 

Como estan?

Well, this week was cool.  I sent some pictures of what we did.  I took some pictures of a cool parrot named Papa and of a party for one of our investigators. Her name is Angie.

Well, since there are no questions I will just tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had our District meetings and my District Leader taught us about the importance of completing our goals.  The goals we set is a reflection of our faith and we will just have to work hard to complete our goals.  There was a couple of sectors here that have completed their goals!!!  So that was cool to see what they did to complete them!! Then we visited some people that we are teaching and it was really cool because we were able to teach them the commandments and they were able to understand what they mean and they are willing to follow them!!!

Wednesday was an awesome day.  We had an exchange and I was with Elder Lang again.  The truth is that our day was a little slow because not very many people were home, so it was a little sad but it was still awesome!!!

Thursday was a normal day--we planned for our week and we worked very hard to help our investigators feel loved and to help them understand the love of God!!! It was awesome!!

Friday, the assistants of the presidente came and we worked as a Zone with them and it was awesome!!!!  We were able to have the baptismal interviews of the Baque family, and they are all ready to be baptized into the church on Saturday!!! I am very excited about that!!! ;)

Saturday the Stake had this like mini MTC thing where in the afternoon we went and worked with the young people of the church.  It was awesome because I was able to teach the young people of the church how to be a missionary so that was awesome.  After that we went to the house of the Baque family and we had a birthday party for their sister Angie, it was really fun!!!

Sunday was a normal day with lots of meetings!!!

Well this has been my week.  I hope you guys have enjoyed hearing about it!!!! I love you all!!!


Elder Farley

Garrett and Papa

Birthday party for Angie Baque

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