Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #99 - Jehovah's Witnesses teaching Garrett

Hola!!! Como estan?

WOW, Adam is home? Thank you for telling me because he is like my best friend!!! I am not going to lie, Adam and Tyler look good.  They look old and wise, but I know that they probably aren't, right? :-)

I am sure Tyler was a great missionary, and I am proud of all my friends who were able to serve a mission.

What did all of the Skonnard family say about me? Are they going to be here when I get home? 

The Skonnard family has changed a lot!!!  The little girls of Aaron and Monica have grown a lot!!!  Wow, I am rather surprised.  But what can I do?  All I can do is live with all of the changes that have happened while I have been serving the Lord for two years!!!

I am excited about the B-BQ.  Invite everyone!!  Please invite Julie.  Her email is  The B-BQ should be really fun.  Hey, I have a quick question...when will I be released?

I am super excited about going to the Farley camp thing!!!!  It should be really fun!!  I am super que pumped now!!!!!  And I am also super excited about going to BYUI.  I can't wait.  Today I talked to an Elder who is from Idaho and he said that Idaho gets really cold!!!  So, I am kinda like not prepared but I have to do it because that is life!!!  Hey, another quick you guys know when school starts?

Don't worry about what I need to bring back with me.  I will bring what I need for the house.  Because I will get it!!!  Soy pilas no te precupes!!! ;) (I am working hard, don't worry!!! :-))

Well now to tell you guys about my week:

Tuesday we had our district meeting.  But this time the assistants were there so our District Leader told Elder Lang to teach us about something.  So Elder Lang taught us all about using the spirit and using it to convert people!!!  It was actually very cool and spiritual.  But the assistants weren't even there!!  So it was kinda funny because he wanted to impress the assistants!!! Ha ha ha--oh well!!!  After that meeting we talked with the Zone Leaders about our goals for July and August, but I was sad because I am not going to be here so I was a little sad.  But what can I do because it comes to all of us?  The rest of the day we visited people and we were able to help them feel the spirit--it was actually very cool!!!  We also had to hike this mountain that is in our sector like 5 times and it was awesome!!! But very hard.

Wednesday was a normal day.  In the morning two Jehovah Witnesses' missionaries came to our house to preach us the gospel, but my compaƱero didn't have his tie on so he couldn't go out to talk to them.  So I went out and they tried to preach me the gospel and I was super nice about it.  I even offered them water.  Then they asked if they could come back and I said "yes, why not?"  But before they left I gave them a pamphlet of the restoration so it was cool.  This Wednesday they should come back to visit me!!! Ja ja ja its funny because I am like an investigator for them!!!  Ja ja ja, then we had an exchange and I was with Elder Chancon--he is from Bolivia.  It was fun to be with him!!! 

Thursday was a normal day, we just visited people and helped them to come unto Christ!!!

Friday all we did was invite people to come to our Stake Conference on the weekend.  Nothing too exciting happened other than that.

Saturday and Sunday was Father's Day and nobody came.  It was rather sad but it helps me know where their hearts are!!!

This was basically my week.  I hope you guys can feel what I feel here in the misson!!! It's amazing. 

I love you guys a bunch and yes mom I will take your advice about my buddies!!!


Elder Farley

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