Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week #100 - Temple Week

HOLA!! como estan?

I can't believe that I have been here for 100 weeks.  That is 2 years!!  That is pretty incredible if you ask me.  And the most incredible part is that in such a short period of time I have changed so much!!!  I truly hope that I have become a man.  The changes that have occured within me is something that I cannot see very well so I am not sure what to say about that!!!!  But yes, I do know that I have changed!!!

Well, now I will answer your questions:

1- Did you ever receive the last package that we sent to you?

1- Yes, I did receive the package.  Thank you very much.  That was very awesome!  I enjoyed sharing it with all of my compañeros.  It was cool.  I even shared it with some members and they liked it!!! ;)

2- Did the Jehovah's Witnesses missionaries ever come back to teach you?

2- The day that they were going to come back we actually went to the temple so IF they did come back, I wasn't there to receive them.  But they were nice ladies.

3- Have you taken all of the pictures that you want?  Have you bought all of the souvenirs that you want?

3- Yes, I think I have taken all the pictures that I want.  I have filled like 1 1/2 memory cards so I have a lot!!! I bought lots of souvenirs so I think I am good!!! But thanks for reminding me!! ;)

4- Will you wear your suit home?

4- Ja ja ja, yes, mom, I will wear my suit.  I will look handsome for when I get back.  Don't worry.  Sorry that I kinda got you confused in the last letter!!!

5- Tell me about the condition of your testimony and the condition of your heart?

5-My testimony is everything I know to be true.  I know that this is the true church of God.  Through the church is the only way that we can return home with our Father in Heaven!!!  My heart has every intension to serve him until the day I die and even beyond that!!!  I hope that God permits me to do so!!! ;)

Well, now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had our District Meeting and my District Leader gave me the opportunity to teach the District so I taught about the sacrament, and the covenants that we make when we partake from the sacrament.  It was very awesome.  I actually learned A LOT, and I think I was able to help the District understand about the sacrament, so that they can help their investigators.  I loved teaching that--it was awesome!!!  The rest of the day we just visited people and we met some new people to teach.  I hope that they can progess in the future!! Her name is Sulay. 

Wednesday we went to the temple for our Zone Conference.  It was awesome because while I was in the temple I found some personal revelation about what my career is going to be.  So I hope that what I felt was the spirit.  But that will be confirmed when I get home!!!  I really feel that I should be a sheriff and start a business of weapon making.  So I hope that was the spirit.  WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?  Then for the rest of the day we went to the family history center and helped some recent converts with their family history!!!

Thursday was a normal day.  All we really did was visit people and try to find new people to teach--nothing to exciting--just the work of the Lord. ;) We did find one possible family.  They are the family Terrero.  That dad is a man in a wheel chair!!! But he is awesome so I hope that he can progess as an investigador!!!

Friday we went to the temple with the Baque Family and that was really fun to do that with them!! ;)  We decided to go with them in the afternoon but for some reason or another when we got there, after taking like 5 different buses, they were closed.  So we traveled back in those same 5 buses.  When we got back we found out that a different ward was going to the temple so we kinda hicthed a ride with them and after another long bus ride we got to the temple and they were finally able to do baptisms for the dead.  To get home we went back in bus!!  Ja ja ja, it was a long, but fun day!!!

Saturday we helped our District with all of their investigators.  We taught them and helped them to get ready for the church!!!

Sunday was another meeting-filled day.

Well, this has been my week.  I hope that you guys could feel the power that I feel while I do the work of the Lord!!!

LOVE, and will see all of you guys soon!!

Elder Farley 

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