Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week #98 - Protecting the ward members from a drug addict

Hola, como estan??

Ha ha ha, do you guys really have my itinerary? That's cool.  So now you guys can plan for when I get home!!!  But that is ok because I have one month to work and give my all to the Lord!!!

Now I will answer your questions-

1- Tell me about a miracle you saw this week?

1- Umm a miracle that I saw this week was that the Lord, through us, stopped a man from getting into a fight where he could have died!!!  But I will explain more on that later on in this email.

2- What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

2- Probably when we had a ward activity this week and it was awesome because we were able to connect more to the members!!! So that was probably the best or the fact that we found more people to teach this week!!!

3- What was the most significant thing you did for the Lord this week?

3- Well, I am not perfect so the most significant thing I did this week was probably when I set goals for myself so I can become a better person.  I am going to strive to complete my goals!!

4- Have you been able to buy all of the souvenirs that you want?

4- No not yet but I will next week--I will!!! I was going to do it this week but what happened was that today we went to a space center here in Guayaquil and it was actually super awesome!!!

5- Do you know how much I love you Garrett?

5- Yes I do!! Do you?

So now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday was a normal day.  We went to visit new people and we contacted some new people named Candy and Ignacio.  They are neighbors and they seemed very interested so we will see how they react to the message of the restored gospel.  We also saw this man who had dreadlocks and they were down to his feet.  He hasn't cut his hair for 14 years--it was pretty amazing.  I wanted to take a picture with him but I didn't!!! jaja

Wednesday we had our zone meeting where our zone leaders talked to us about what Presidente wants us to do as missionaries.  It was very good.  We talked about the basics.  H reminded us about the things that we should study and the things that we should talk to the people about.  But in particular he talked about the law of chastity and how this law is a law of change and becoming more God like!! So that was very cool!!! The rest of the day we just taught all the people that we could!!

Thursday we had an exchange.  I was with Elder Franco, he is from Bolivia and he is cool but we didn't do anything special.  All we did was walk, talk, and testify.  It was a pretty cool day but we were able to help them to find a new investigator so that was cool.  Her name is Jennifer so that was way cool!!

Friday was a normal day--we really didn't do that much.  And to be honest I can't really remember what we did specifically but we did work so don't worry about that!!!

Saturday was a busy day.  In the morning we had a service project where we basically cleaned the backyard of a family and we took out all of the weeds and made it look a lot better!!!  Then we had a different service project where we needed to prepare for a Ward activity.  The treat at the end of the Ward activity was fruit salads and we needed to cut up all the fruit.  So then we did that as another service project!!!  Afterwards we went home and changed our clothes and then ate lunch and then we went over to the Ward activity where we played a variety of sports and different activities.  It was awesome!  As we changed our clothes to play the sports, this little girl came running over to us and was in a panic because her dad and another man were fighting.  The other man was a drug addict.  The drug addict was yelling at the girls dad and calling him all kinds of bad words and he was getting mad and was going to fight him!!!  But we got to him first and made him go inside where I shut the doors and didn't open them until the drug addict left!!!  He was really mad!!!  So what happen is that the drug addict was hitting this woman and the member of the church stopped him and in the process the drug addict accidentally punched him in the face and for that he wanted to fight him!!! It was a little scary but at the same time all I felt was courage and strength--it was actually a really cool experience!!!

Sunday we had a bunch of meetings and then we went to a hospital to give this ladies' dad a blessing so that was also a cool experience!!!!

Well this has been my week I hope you guys have been uplifted by this letter!!! Sorry if it is lame!!!

I love you guys a lot--you are all awesome!!!


Elder Farley

Thumbs up! Garrett comes home in one month

I guess he will teach anyone :-)

Guayaquil Space Center - P-day fun
Baque family baptism

Service project

And he was filled with light

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