Monday, June 23, 2014

Week #46 - News about Hayden and more in-grown toenails

Hola como están?

Well this week for me was very different.  Hayden, I was in the hospital also almost the same time as you!!!

Well you guys don't know this but I have had an in-grown toe nail for the past two or three months.  So on Tuesday I was sick of my foot hurting and I finally went to the doctor and they took out the nail--AGAIN!!!  But something cool happened while I was there.  We were waiting to get my toenail taken out and we were waiting a long time--like two hours.  While we were waiting two Sister missionaries came in and one of them was really sick.  She was having an asthma attack, so that is when I got all worried.  They rushed her into the back room and they put her on an oxygen tank and her compañera was freaking out so after everything died down I asked her if she would like a blessing.  So in the midst of her attack, me and my compañero gave her a blessing and then twenty minutes later she was fine.  After she recovered they took out my toenail, and again it hurt like nothing else!!!!  But the most important thing was that I was able to be a tender mercy for the Sister missionary from the Lord!!!!!

Well, actually they didn't take my whole nail they just took some parts of it.  But on Thursday they wanted to remove the whole nail because part of my toe was still swollen.  So for a couple of days I was all worried that they were going to take my whole nail!!  But they didn't and its healing just fine!!!

Friday we had a meeting with President and Sister Amaya for their farewell.  I am going to miss them but it will be alright. I did get a picture with them so that is way cool!! Other than that I didn't work this week because of my toe.

Now to answer your questions:

1- Well my most spiritual experience was when I was a tender mercy for the Lord to that Sister missionary.
2- I am doing just fine--you guys don't need to worry about me, just worry about Hayden.

Now my questions:

1- How is Hayden feeling about the news?
2- How is our family reacting?
3- The new set of scriptures aren't important so whatever you choose is good for me.

LOVE YOU HAYDEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Farley

President and Sister Amaya's farewell

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