Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week #44 - Feeling sick

Hola como están?

Well like always I will start by answering your questions!!

1- Yes Elder Trejo is the one from Milagro and yes we are still great friends!!

2- Yes I got the Easter package and I love it thanks so much!  Always send beef jerky-- I loved that!!

3- Well I guess if your looking for spiritual experiences then every minute of everyday is a spiritual experience.

Now about my week--

Tuesday we had district meeting and then after the district meeting I went back home to rest because i wasn't feeling well. I rested for awhile and then in the evening we went out to work and it was cool!

Wednesday we just worked and had fun.

Thursday we did the same thing but I was working with Elder Arias my Zone Leader because we had exchanges.

Friday I started to feel sick again but we still worked.

Saturday I still didn't feel that good but we worked and there was a baptism in the ward so we went to that and it was really cool!!

Sunday it was church and then after lunch me and my compañero went out and he showed us to a couple less active families and those lessons were really cool.

Well that was my week.  Please just know that I am here and I am working hard.  BTW- I now know with a surety what I will be doing as my job in the future.  I will join the military, and be an Army Ranger then a NAVY SEAL.

Well this is my week sorry if this email is lame but now my questions:

1- How are my friends?

2- How is Adam my bf?

3- How much do scriptures cost?


Elder Farley-

Garrett meets parrot

Garrett said that it may look like he is crying, but no, IT IS SWEAT!

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