Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week #47 - A Baptism and 7 Cascadas

Hola como estan??

Well here are the answers to your questions:

1- My toe is doing very well now.  It has healed and I am working just like normal again.

2- This is definitely the same toe as before so that made it hurt even more.

3- The truth is that I don't even know how I get the in-grown toe nails, so no I don't know how to prevent them.

4- No, I haven't met my new mission president, President Riggins, but he should be here in a week or two so I am sure he will come to where I am to talk to everyone and I will meet him then.

5- President Amaya traveled to us in Quevedo and he said goodbye to everyone there--it was really cool!!

6-Well I am feeling a little scared and a little worried about Hayden but what can I do?

Well now about my week:

This week was really cool.  We worked and worked so hard this week and on Saturday we had a baptism.   It was way cool!!  We almost had two baptisms but the other guy didn't want to do it on that Saturday!!  Well the guy that got baptized his name is Miguel Ayala and he has 19 years.  He is way cool!!  Well that was probably the highlight of my week--the baptism and/or watching the world cup about everyday!!  Sorry but its not me it's the people down here.  They are obsessed with the world cup so I have been following the world cup only because everyone else is also!! BTW the United States are doing pretty well and Ecuador as well!!

Well today we went to the 7 CASCADAS (7 waterfalls) and man that place is so beautiful.  I have a lot of pictures.  We went with all the Elders in our Zone and with our Bishop--it was awesome!!  I will send a ton of pictures.  This has been my week--I love you all and just know that the Lord has his plan for each one of us!!!

Sorry if this email is lame.


Elder Farley-

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