Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week #43 - Quevedo Norte 2 is a great area!

HEY como estas? 
Can you forward this to mom?  I am just going to send you my email!! 
Well this week I had alot of fun!! Like I said in my last email, I am in Quevedo Norte 2.  This mission area is the farthest away from the mission home. It's about 4 hours away from the mission home.  In Quevedo it is so much cooler than in Guayaquil.  I feel like there is a huge difference.  Granted it's still hot here but alot less hot than in the city!! Quevedo has a lot of hills so we are always going up and down and up and down, but its super cool. Dad knows that in the mission there is always an area that baptizes the most and I am in that area now.  There are alway baptisms here and it is so cool!!  Umm, well that's about it.  I am just amazed at how fast time is flying by.  I already have 10 months in the mission!!!!  There are 6 missionaries in the ward:  me and my compañero elder Torres, Elder Albornoz, Elder Arias, Elder Archundia, and Elder Trejo--thats way cool! 
Well this week we visited a lot of cool members and these members are awesome. THEY invited people to be baptized and THEY invited people to come to church and it was amazing!!  This week was really standard because we just taught a lot of people!! I can't really remember what exactly happened this week but know that I have been working hard!!  I am not sure of what else I can say. 
1- Is Elder Garrett Dean Taylor in MY mission and not the Quayaquil South mission?
2- Can Dad send me a picture of him and his mission plaque?
3- Dad I don't understand the ghost thing?
4- Who else gets back soon from their mission? 
Elder Farley
Garrett and Elder Arias

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