Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week #45 - Who are the 2 prophets who will die in the streets of Jerusalem?

Hola como están? 

Well, you guys don't have any questions so I think this email will be a lot shorter!!

You did request that I just share spiritual experiences that I have had this week so here there are: 

The first thing that I noticed this week is that when people play board games they change their personality.  The other night we were playing monopoly and every single person changed their personality in order to play the game.  I don't know why, but they do!  So next time you guys are playing a game look at how the people change--its fascinating,

Also this week I was studying about the second coming and when I read about the part about how two prophets will die in the streets of Jerusalem I was thinking that there aren't TWO prophets today--just one prophet.  Then I was thinking that maybe two of the apostles will die in the streets but then our church wouldn't have 12 apostles, so by law our church wouldn't be true.  And if our prophet died in Jerusalem who would guide our church?  So then I thought that missionaries have an apostolic calling so for two years we are technically prophets.  Also I thought that a sign for the last days is that the gospel will be preached in all of the world, HOW?  By missionaries?  Jerusalem doesn't have missionaries yet so I came to the conclusion that when it says in the scriptures that two prophets will die in the streets and then the whole world will know that two prophets have died, its will be two missionaries that will die in the streets of Jerusalem!!  That is how the world will know that two servants of God died in the streets.  Now, I don't know if this is right, but this is what i have studied and this sounds the most right to me!!!

Also this week I was thinking about the atonement and how important it is in our lives so this week I am going to study this topic more in detail!!!  Well those are about all the experiences that I can remember.  I can't really remember any else.

Well sorry for this lame email--hope you guys have an awesome week!!


1- Can you send me another set of scriptures in English?

2- Who will watch the boys while everyone is gone?

3- Do you guys have plans for when G-ma and G-pa Farley get back?

4- What are your thoughts on the prophets thing?


Elder Farley

Family & Friends-
If any of you want to share your thoughts about Garrett's question about the 2 prophets who will someday die in the streets of Jerusalem, please email me and I will send them to Garrett.  I am sure he would love to know what you have studied and concluded about this subject.  Thanks!

Elder Farley and Elder Torres

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